Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bee Beets &

I stepped on a bee (or maybe a wasp) on Saturday at the pool. The pain in my foot made me think that I'd find a piece of glass stuck in it, but there was nothing there. After some moaning I was mostly brave and it didn't slow me down much. I was glad that I didn't have to walk miles to get home. I was surprised at how itchy the sting got as it healed. Yesterday it was driving me bonkers. Much better today and my charming limp is gone.

A neighbor gave me some beets harvested from the shared garden. I like beets, maybe partly because they are so unpopular. I always like to be different. But she told me that you could just peel them and eat them raw. That sounded crazy to me but I really liked the crunchy thin slices. I inherited another big bunch of beets from the harvest so I found a recipe for roasted beets with a mint balsamic vinaigrette. Mint is another thing we have in the garden in abundance. Instead of cooking the beets I just grated them and dressed them with some olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper. My test batch tasted too strongly of balsamic so I cut it with some rice vinegar in the final dish. Good stuff.

Have I already linked to this history of punctuation marks site? I'm reading about the ampersand today. It makes me happy. I hadn't ever known about the Tironian et, another shorthand mark for 'and' that was used for centuries. It was invented by Cicero's scribe as part of his shorthand for latin. Cicero had seen Greek shorthand and had Tiro work up a system for Latin. I'm feeling very chummy with both of those characters as I've been reading about them in Saylor's Roman mystery novels lately.

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