Friday, July 1, 2011

Bounce Brew and Burn

Friday before a holiday weekend, this sounds like a job for super blogger! I haven't seen her so I'll just put up an update of my own.

Yesterday I met with my new IT managers. We reviewed the job description they gave me. They said that I met the requirements. I said that I am interested in doing the job. And I agreed to take a whopping pay raise. I am pleased. I am suddenly full of motivation for learning to work with IT. Instant attitude improvement!

We're talking about having me stay in the office where I am for the next 2-3 months in order to help with customer service for the beginning of the fall semester. That is everyone's busiest time at the university. The highest number of students are on campus, it's the beginning of the academic year and the highest number of brand new people (undergrads, grads and instructors) are here. It all sounds like a good plan to me. The most tedious parts of my job have gone away: fiscal and HR. It means that I am having a very quiet summer at the moment. I know some of you are boggling that I could work any less at this job. But it's just a temporary lull and it's threaded through with some cool and refreshing anxiety about learning how they do everything in IT.

I had my time off approved and will be going to Austin to see mother/brother/sister-in-law and my nephews August 6-13. I got cheap SWA tickets so I don't have to drive, by myself, thank the gods.Now we need a babysitter for the week before that and then I think we have the summer figured out. Nod won't be able to come to TX as he will be starting his new job. He ended up with two good offers and we've done some debating about which one he'll take. He's decided on the one based in north Kansas City. I am a little worried about his commute but everything else made it a better job than the one based out of Topeka. So here's hoping he clicks with those folks. It is all sounding so promising.

I am currently in love with cold brewed coffee. Our coffee maker died while I was in the Bay Area. (I owe a recap, don't I. Short form: perfect weather, dense traffic, chic wedding, glad to see my friend/sad to leave my friend...) And as we know I am spurred to learning new things only by the complete failure of my familiar coping strategies. So I tried the coffee grounds and water overnight thing. And it's amazing, not bitter. The filtering in the morning is a bit messy but that is the only even slightly difficult part. I may never need a coffee maker again. It must be the zeitgeist, The Pioneer Woman wrote about this too. Oh and I don't drink it iced, I microwave it back to hot coffee-ness and doctor it as usual.

I have been cooking against the season. Last night was tomato soup and the night before I made meatloaf. And I'm not sorry, they were both delicious.

My mother in law arrived yesterday. I am a little worried about a 72 y.o. on the road for such a long trip. But she does love to travel. It's good to see her. She'll stay til next Tues or Weds.

As a friend said on Facebook yesterday "I sure am sick of seeing my hometown burn down." It's an exaggeration in that no homes have been lost. In contrast to the 2000 fire which destroyed 235 homes. (Oik. I hadn't realize that was the total. Damn.) The town of Los Alamos, NM was evacuated last Monday because of smoke as well as being directly in the path of the fire but so far firefighters have established a burn line and no structures have been affected that I know of. The fire seems to be going north and south rather than directly east through the town. The intense national coverage about the fire is due of course to the lab's radioactive materials and concerns about fire getting to those. The big bad hot stuff they use to build bomb triggers is underground in bunkers, I have no worries about that. The low level waste that is stored in barrels above ground is more worrisome but it is receiving a great deal of attention from the lab's own dedicated fire and emergency crews. I'm more concerned about the peaks around the town being covered with black sticks again once the fire is done. There is no moisture in the forests and there is no rain in the forecast. This looks like a really long, bad fire. I saw a cousin at the wedding who lives in southern Colorado in the mountains and says she is really scared of fire there right now. The monsoons can't come soon enough. Shudder.


Bee said...

I'm extremely thrilled for you to get this new job -- AND with a pay raise. Two paychecks? Bliss.

I'm going to try that cold brewed coffee. I may even leave it cold and turn it into "iced coffee."

amenaneri said...

Hefty pay raise? Awesome--way to go!!

Yes, Los Alamos fire is scary--are you Joe Martz's facebook friend? He didn't evacuate and was and is doing some great man-on-the scene reporting, and he was even interviewed for 2 TV news stories.

Looks like the townsite is safe this time, though, although the Jemez and Bandelier are getting whomped. It's now the biggest wildfire in NM history. Mom's down with Dave and Lily.

Keep your fingers crossed that they continue to get it under control.

I loved seeing you and it wasn't long enough!!!

Nimble said...

@ AM: It was hard to leave you. Doesn't that sound like a sad country song?!