Monday, July 25, 2011


My new position is starting up. There are a great many things to be learned and practiced. I have started doing half days there although I haven't got the offer letter in hand yet. I will have faith that the mysterious workings of the human resources department will be finished soon. I work the next two weeks then I'm off to Austin for a week. And then it's the week before classes start so the deluge will be underway. I won't be online much in August at all. In fact the new job promises to have ways of filling my days. It may be a whole new professional lifestyle.

Oh Norway, I'm sorry for your losses. Only a crazy person -- and not just a crazy person, but a crazy person with not enough to do -- would conclude that the way to a better life is to kill random fellow citizens. The news from Oslo was paired this weekend with reports of a shooting in Texas at a kid's birthday party at a roller rink. I think the difference was that the shooter in Texas told all the kids to get out of the building before he started. Misery.

Transitioning from murder is not my specialty.

Last night at dinner after most of a beer Nod described how he had given up on Coen Brothers films by saying that he'd broken up with them after Fargo, then had makeup sex with them when he went to see No Country for Old Men but he hadn't liked it so he's off them for good. He certainly can get everyone in the room to turn around and listen to him.

From a course title offered this fall: "From Dictionaries to Wiktionaries". Hee.

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Bee said...

One of our friend's daughters was on that Norwegian expedition in which the young boy got killed by the polar bear. They had started in Oslo -- on the day of the shootings. There is no safety anywhere, sadly.

Rebecca (my 17 year old) thinks that Wikipedia is THE only source you need.