Monday, July 18, 2011

How Big

is your vocabulary?

This test won't tell you exactly because it'd be too tedious to count but they give an estimate. It's the sort of thing I think is fun.
The site's authors request that more children and teenagers participate so if you have any handy you can sic them on the test too. It looks like it has a facebook page as well if you like that.

Last night I made what I will have to call Painful Eggplant. Here's the recipe, adapted from Barbara Tropp, which is always a good sign. It was lovely little asian eggplants (bought specially at the farmer's market except for the 1! from our garden) stir fried with a sauce that prominently features chile garlic paste. I had just received some homemade chile garlic paste from our Chinese neighbor. I knew it was hot, having sampled it at potluck but I put two tablespoons in my sauce anyway. It was almost too hot to eat. I'm a little frightened of the leftovers. But I'm going to find a way to eat them. Asian eggplants are one of my favorites and are not to go to waste. [Had some for lunch today, still alive.]

Guilty pleasure alert. During the royal wedding frenzy this spring I held out until the last minute and refused to be interested in the minutiae. But finally I cracked and wanted to see what the royals wore at least. While looking for stills, one of my finds was The Royal Order of Sartorial Splendor blog which revels in watching European royal (mostly female) fashion. I cannot join the author in her raging enthusiasm for tiaras but I don't mind seeing pictures of them occasionally.


amenaneri said...

how big is yours? Mine is 38,100. It was kind of funny, I was happily going along clicking all boxes, then all of a sudden, I just didn't know a word, and I couldn't dredge up a definition, and I felt like I'd failed or something! Or for some other words, I think if I was taking some sort of test where I could pick between 4 options, I'd probably get it right because of etymology, I still couldn't honestly say I knew what it meant. Funny the games your mind plays...

Thanks for sharing. And how could you resist the hats at the royal wedding? The dresses...whatever, but those HATS were amazing. Go Philip Treacey!!!


Nimble said...

You win! 37,100 is my number. I remember 'valetudinarian' from Emma. But pother? sedulous? It is strange to come up against a group of words you just can't parse, isn't it? Hyper readers unite!

The hats were so out there. And they seem to be rippling out into the fashion world. I briefly considered looking for headgear when I went to the wedding in June.


Bee said...

Well, you beat me, Nimble . . . I had 36,500. I knew pother, though. That's a good word for you! I had to look up sedulous. I looked up several of the ones that I didn't know. Legerdemain, for instance. I think that I knew that at one point. Once again, I wish that I had studied Latin. The kids I teach all take Latin and I'm constantly noticing how it enables them to take such good guesses at words.

Laurie Colwin has a great chapter about eggplant in her Home Cooking book. I think that it's called "alone in the kitchen with an eggplant." It's about the weird foods that people make for themselves when they don't have to please anyone else.

Nimble said...

@ Bee, oh good you've given me the prod I needed to look it up. A pother is a commotion, a fuss. And it can be a verb too. Leger de main is from the French for light fingers, magician skills. Though I had no Latin I find that a romance language helps a lot.

I think I've been saving Laurie Colwin to read for later. I know she's one of your faves and AM's too I think. Lots of foodie bloggers have mentioned her delightful writing. I think I should go ahead and read her, not wait for a broken leg or other opportunity.