Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Reading about the physical response to eating rich food. The researchers gave rats fatty foods and looked at their physical reactions. The rats' bodies "immediately began to release natural marijuanalike chemicals in the gut that kept them craving more". It makes me think of my own eating patterns and how I try to at least keep an eye on my yen for sweets and fats. I love the summer when the watermelons are finally in (the ones before June don't count and are likely to be giant cucumbery disappointments). I will choose a bowl of sweet watermelon over almost any butter-based dessert. It goes without saying that I am very fond of most butter-based desserts and am likely to head toward them when offered. So it feels as though I'm throwing a healthy distraction in front of my body and its appetites when we're automatically headed for the more calorific stuff. Here -- have some of this pretty pink sweet stuff! I can eat a huge bowl of fruit and feel okay afterwards. I think I need to do more of this with vegetables. If I can get the plant stuff (prepared in attractive ways) tucked in my gullet first, there will be less time and appetite for the stuff that is less good for me.

Despite some concerns about fat and sugar as above, there are cooking things I am pleased about:
1) My chicken wings. I have a technique that makes crispy wonderful oven baked wings. Preheat oven to 425. Toss wings in flour, salt & pepper. Oil foil-covered rimmed baking sheet. Put wings on pan and bake 20 min. Turn with tongs and bake another 15 - 20 min. Pour on the Frank's Red Hot Sauce. mmmmm
2) Broiled tofu. Just tried it last night with soy ginger sauce and veggies. (I would eat my shoes if they were covered with ginger soy sauce.) So quick -- it's the only way to use the oven in the summer. (Unless you've got to have some chicken wings of course.)
3) Sauteed mushrooms with thyme. I can eat them straight but usually I put them on a baked potato with some plain yogurt and maybe grated cheddar.
Seems like a short list but due to summerness I haven't been cooking much lately.

Why you should read The Bloggess from time to time  
"...I am severely jet-lagged so I have nothing funny to say.  Except that I just looked up  “jet lag” on Wikipedia and it said that scientists have helped hamsters recover from jet-lag by giving them viagra.  Which means that at one point there were a bunch of people flying hamsters with tiny erections to exotic locations in the name of science. Which I think is just proof that scientists are high all the time."

Mah baybee is growing up! On Saturday, despite beesting and sunburn, we had a wonderful day at the pool. Katy was jumping off the high and low diving boards and going down the tall slide. I did a couple of low dives to prove I'm still tough enough. Lexi practiced her dog paddle and all of a sudden put her head down and scooted through the water. Like real swimming! Once she got the idea, she did it over and over again. She swam from the wall to me and from me to the wall. It's a breakthrough. Both kids are a little taller and more confident and it was a delightful family outing.


Bee said...

When I was a child, my mother would frequently give us some watermelon in lieu of dinner. We would also eat popcorn and apples when she didn't feel like cooking.

Watermelon, peaches and corn are THE summer foods for me. They make me miss home.

Bee said...

My mother used to use the word "orts" for left-overs. Is that your definition here or am I missing something?

Nimble said...

@Bee, that is so good to know. I believe that popcorn plus anything else slightly nutritious makes a perfectly good meal.

Yes, we said orts to mean leftovers in my house. I like to broaden it to mean odds and ends too. Since when you're eating leftovers out of the fridge it's likely to be half a serving of this and the end of that.