Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Kiss my hand to August

Saw Mac and Spouse Sunday evening. They came through town to see me on their drive back from fam reunion in Colorado to Boston. My girls loved their golden retrievers and vice versa it seems. Big teddy bears those dogs are. It was wonderful to spend some time with a good friend from long ago. They are submitting paperwork for adoption and seem to be on track for that. They are looking for a pair of siblings, under ten, not babies. They had lots of parenting questions for me. I wish them every good thing. We had tasty food at Zen Zero preceded by silly cocktails. Totally fun.

This was the weekend for Nod and I to have a married person date night. The girls both had sleepovers so we had time to commune. It was good.

A neighbor is watching the girls for us this week. I have to get their school enrollment forms to the elementary school office this week. Just have to complete the emergency contact info and it'll be ready. We did the arithmetic and realized that we are too rich for reduced school lunches, even on Nod's training pay rate. It's an accomplishment!

We leave on Saturday for Austin. Lord, I wonder what temps they are getting this week. We're forecast for 108 today. I predict lots of inside games. And snow cones. And ice cream. And iced tea. Maybe just lots of ice.

I am zooming through the Cazalet chronicles by Elizabeth Jane Howard. I'm two thirds through the fourth book and all I want to do is read it. I have some quibbles with a few of the plot developments and am thoroughly enjoying some that I know are a little too pat. Still good stuff. But on with other things. It's getting busier at work and I'm starting to learn to do a few things in my new position and now I get to straddle the two while everything hots up. Oh and I have a new laptop that I have to get configured, that's crappy timing. It always takes a few days of begging the tech folks for what you need and getting the right software/permissions set.

It's good to be employed. It's good to be almost over this summer cold. It's good to throw out one more update here before surfing the August tidal wave. I've given up on hoping for better cooler weather. I know it can't be expected until mid September. Here's to more contemplation then.

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Bee said...

How was Texas, then? I get almost daily updates on the temperature from my mother. I hope you had plenty of ice and Blue Bell. What is your favorite flavor, btw? It is something that I don't know about you.

I'm so glad that you've enjoyed the Cazalet Chronicles. My can't-put-it-down series of the summer has been, funnily enough, Harry Potter. I finally got around to reading them all and I LOVED them. To my surprise, actually. I've also been steaming through Eva Ibbottson's books. Do you know them? I think your daughters would like her.