Thursday, October 27, 2011

Nothing but keys

Keys please
You may enjoy this discussion of mechanical computer keyboards (as opposed to keyboards that use switches). I had no idea that tough old IBM keyboards had a whole following. Noise differences are reported: multiple wives who can't stand the clackety power of some of these keyboards. I can relate. Nod had been using a keyboard with a broken shift bar for years. It still worked but had lost its spring so every time it was pushed it hit with extra loudness. One could make quite a self righteous racket on that thing.

More keys
With my mother in town I gathered my patience and courage and went to the Verizon store to get a new phone. I expected crap service but we lucked out and Graham was there to shepherd me quickly yet gently to my new Samsung. It's been more than four years and my phone was approaching heritage status. It still worked fine but had no keyboard. Texting between Nod and myself was an uneven fight. Nod: several sentences ending with a question. Nimble: four word reply heavy on abbreviation. Nod: more questions. Nimble: calls Nod. Now I have this shiny blue number with a slide out keyboard for when I want to elucidate and shift and all that jazz. I bit the bullet and switched to a local area code too. I am slowly going through the address list and distributing my new digits.

Katy is turning ten next month. She suggested that she should be able to be at home unsupervised after school. I'm willing to negotiate that next school year but not for this one. More discussion to come.

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