Monday, October 31, 2011


Three crows
Friday evening driving home. I watched three crows playing in the updrafts at the top of a tall apartment building. They would float down to land on the tv aerials (digital antennas?) then launch themselves into the draft again. Have fun crows!

Three letters
One nickname variant I hadn't expected for Lexi: Lex. Katy and her (oh so grown up at 10 years old) friends use that one. Logical by nickname conventions: shorten it til it can't be shortened any more (then abbreviate). And it means 'law' in Latin. Go Lexilu, law bringer. Or super villain.

Off the rack
I staggered into the Kohl's at ten til ten pm on Saturday night. I had been there earlier with my family but hadn't wanted to have them wait around while I tried on seventeen bras. The dressing room was nearly ankle deep in discarded intimate garments. I had no luck with the 36 Bs I had pulled. Then I tried a 36C and the angels sang. I seem to have gone up a cup size. This puzzles me. I measured a few years ago when bras weren't fitting so great. And I was definitely a 36B at that time. I have gone down in weight a little bit since getting a new more stressful job. I definitely haven't been packing on the pounds on my chest. The bras I chose are more mature too, I am entering breastplate territory. It's good to have reinforcements.

When my mother was here we went clothes shopping and each found a few things. I bought  a new pair of Dockers because my khaki trousers are all getting a little worn. I am now wearing a garment that reads inside the waistband: "Banish the blah. Bring on the wow!" I am nonplussed. I should specify that this cheerleading script is printed on the special layer of flab-retaining elastic. I looked in the mirror but found only my fine-but-not-wow waistline. I shall have to make an effort not to read my stupid pants anymore.

Nod suggested a last minute drive out to the pumpkin patch to get a few more since our jackolanterns have drooped in the warm weather. I rolled my eyes and said that I was done carving pumpkins for this season. We've already lit the candles twice, it's been fun. Katy's Batgirl costume came out better than I expected. She cut out her big chest logo bat, found the fingerless gloves and made the batarangs herself. She put it all on with her hot pink Converse sneakers yesterday and it was great! Lexi's Tooth Fairy costume is adorbs. no shock. We warned her that dim adults might not recognize what kind of fairy she is so she's ready to inform people. Walmart had fairy wings for $5 and that seemed like a fair price for not having to build any myself. There was a kid Halloween party yesterday afternoon and trickortreating tonight.


Bee said...

I've fixated on the bra/breast bit of this post. As my friends advance into the middle of middle-age, some of them have definitely noticed that they are gaining heft in the breastplate territory. So far I'm holding my own . . . what I dread is losing my waist!

Please send me a pic of tooth fairy and batgirl.

Nimble said...

I have written myself a note to get the Hween pix out. I'll try to do that this weekend.

I dreamed right before waking this morning that my belly was flat. What a cruel trick, by my own imagination! New bras are working well so far.