Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Question of the day: black cotton

Is there anything better than old black cotton pants? I can't think of it. The ones I'm wearing are showing only slight signs of wear. But I have the feeling that I'd better start keeping an eye out for their successors. Memento mori works for clothes too.

Katy will participate tomorrow night in the Zombie Walk downtown. Some of her friends did it last year and they've gotten her all revved up about it. I have been resistant to her undead costume ideas for previous Halloweens. Just didn't really want to think about my little child as a blood thirsty fiend. But much like fashion disagreements, I have decided that H'ween costumes are not worth pitching a concerted battle about. So I'll probably help her dress up tomorrow and go watch her shamble.

It's beautiful weather right now and the leaves are starting to turn color. I walked with Lexi and the other kids and parents for Nat'l Walk to School Day this morning. We saw a layer of mist hovering in the ditch, very pretty. My hands were a bit numb when I got back. I've started working on a song entitled Fat Squirrels. All the local squirrelios are putting on their adipose overcoats and prepping for winter. I wouldn't mind being a squirrel in dry weather. I really feel sorry for them when it rains.


Bee said...

Just this morning I thought about tossing out an old pair of black pants . . . but then drew back at the last moment. I have 3 good pairs in various stages of wear. One of them is more charcoal in color now.

We have heaps and heaps of leaves already, but none of the autumnal mist/fog.

Nimble said...

No more mist here. It rained finally this week. The leaves are coming down fast now. I was particularly enjoying the pattern they made on the sidewalk yesterday. A huge just past full moon was leftover in the western sky this morning, delicious.