Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Slaw

It's Friday so I must be trolling for blog posts and pouting that my favorite writers aren't busy posting twice today. Fussy and Box Elder are coming up to snuff for NaBloPoMo so I don't know what I have to complain about. Oh and this from The Bloggess made me almost shriek with giggles at work. Pout be gone.

Goddam, someone in my office is wearing perfume that from a distance smells like mosquito repellent. I guess I should be glad they're not right next to me. Which reminds me, our newest team member at work is a nice young man who smells like funky feet. Moment of pity. (Sad to say this reminds me of my high school boyfriend who was known to sometimes be not so fresh. High standards, girls, have taken me far.) I am hoping that the new job will buck him up and somehow that will translate into odor eaters. He's married with kids so I guess I can't hope for a new girlfriend to tame him. A minor thing so far.

Lexi's sold a bunch of girl scout cookies and now it's time to deliver them and collect the money. Here's hoping we can be efficient about this. Thanks to Nod's seasonal onset of timetoeateverything (I have a touch of it too) we're halfway through our first family box of Thanksalots. I'm thinking of going running when I get home tonight. It'll be almost dark, but the temp is nice right now...

The extended forecast looks good for driving to and from Colorado next week. What fun to be plotting a road trip. We need a motel reservation and a cat feeder.

Katy's getting holes in her earlobes tomorrow. Lexi is selling more cookies at the girl scout camp (who buys them? not my problem) and having lunch, etc. I'm delivering 2 pounds of deli roast beef with Lexi and then going away because I know I don't enjoy girl scout camp. I love that Lexi is seven and near to self sufficient. Nod has splashed out on some birthday prezzies for Katy, a new scooter and other stuff. You do only turn ten once. I think he and I had better have the budgeting for xmas talk this weekend. And I need to pick our most beautiful family photo and have a slew made. I'm sending them out this year. I swear.

Just heard about Fool by Christopher Moore which is a novel of the story of King Lear told from the fool's perspective. I haven't read anything by him and am very intrigued. I just finished The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. Very good and thought provoking. I loved the portrait of the town of Clover in southern Virginia, past Difficult Creek and near the River of Death (?!). Such a compassionate look at a family with so much stacked against them individually and collectively. Her afterword about the state of tissue ownership (what happens when you submit a sample to a lab for testing?) made me think that there will be development on that front in the next twenty years. Content about HPV and its cancer link reminds me that we're only a couple years away from getting Katy vaccinated. HPV is all around and I'm all for getting immunity to as many strains as they can manage.

It's 4:31 on Friday afternoon and the shuffling of feet is audible. Humdedum. The noise level here is quite high during the more well stocked parts of the workweek. I'm in a cube that is one of twenty with 4 foot "walls" in the middle of a large room. Mine is on the edge near the door so we have a lot of traffic. Occasionally we have to open the door when someone forgets their keycard. Recently the keycard system was replaced and now everyone in IT should have access so that's better. Two rows from me is a fellow who is quite entertaining but who has no 'quiet' setting. He regales the world with his opinions from the best beer to the degree of succulence of his midafternoon grapefruit. I still don't mind, it's a good change from too much quiet in the basement office I left behind.

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Lucy said...

Thanks for the good word, sometimes it feels a bit of a slog, but still glad to be doing it.

Your noisy man's subjects of opinion sound harmless and gastronomic rather than obnoxious anyway.

Make sure Katy keeps turning those ear-studs!