Thursday, November 3, 2011

Rising Falling

Good gravy you should be reading the Adventures in the Pointless Forest blog. Not only does it have that title (reference to one of my favorite elementary school films), Redfox also has a one year old to entertain you and a Riker-playing-trombone gif. Another gift for the TNG fans among us, nostalgia fighting with our embarrassment, a link to Fashion It So.

I also admire her funny and not boring description of a recent dream. Having heard too many dream recountings by my nine year old lately I know that this is a rare achievement. Most dream retelling makes me want to sing the 12 Days of Christmas in order to stop the relentless flow of random images. And having said that I will now describe the dream that I woke up with on Wednesday. I was given a flying device. Like a rocket broom -- a pole to straddle with controls, no bristles. Soon I was soaring over a seaside city. But the device kept stalling and I had to restart it, with a two part button pushing technique. Sort of hard to do while falling But! I could also fly on my own power with an effort of concentration. So I was flying and falling and flying and it was pretty cool. It left me with a good dose of adrenaline in my system when I woke up. Flying in dreams is supposed to be sex but it sort of felt like my peformance at work these days, winging it and trying to be effective with varying results adding up to majority successful.

Nod just had a brainwave about Thanksgiving and we have asked if we can invite ourselves to my brother's place near Denver. Brother Wry said let's do it. We haven't ever been out to visit him yet. Both Nod and I find this an exciting plan! We'll have to watch the weather though and be prepared to scotch our travel if needed. The east part of Kansas where it meets the west part of Colorado is famous blizzard territory. If we can get there I'll bet we can go sledding. My search for snowboots for Katy continues this weekend. Fun road trip adventure ahoy.

Just realized that my flying dream may have something to do with another animated film:  Castle in the Sky. Another Miyazake film to love. Plenty of flying things. And falling and rising. Wow it's old 1986. And weird and arty and thought provoking. The image of a young boy climbing up on his roof to play a bugle at sunrise while doves circle sounds twee to me but it was uplifting. Great soundtrack too.


Bee said...

I just finished Howl's Castle this morning -- and my edition had a big bit about Miyazake's films. Thought of you , of course! Camille will be getting at least one of these for Xmas this year. (Is it naughty to give my children the gifts that I want myself?)

Your Thanksgiving plan sounds really exciting. I hope the blizzards stay away. Will write soon. xx

Nimble said...

I find gift giving really hard. Sometimes it's mostly motivated by personal desire. But after all wouldn't you rather get a gift that someone *loves* than something they couldn't care less about?