Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Itty bits

My tongue hurts. I have an inflamed tastebud. I don't know if it's caused by the same viral or bacterial thing that happens with mouth ulcers. The pain is similar. This one is in the middle of my tonge, just to the right of the midline. I don't feel it all the time. And yet I'm writing about it. Begone tiny ailment!

Our christmas tree is perfect. I catch my breath when I come down the stairs and see it lit up. I am really liking the idea of the tree as the sacrifice to the holiday this year. I'm over any scruples as to killing a tree for my pleasure. It is after all a beautiful, compostable, symbolic object. So much family history is on it, as well as shiny stuff.

Katy's music program at school is this Thursday. She is accompanying the singers on piano. I don't think she really has control of the piece but she's worked something up and I think it'll be good. She has been practicing regularly, and not freaking out much. I hope that part is a formative experience.

I'm two thirds of the way through Soon I Will Be Invincible. I like it quite a bit but keep expecting it to be shorter. The comic book motif just has me in the mood for a quickie read I guess. I greatly admire the layers and layers of hero/villain convention. The Nancy Mitford twofer of The Pursuit of Love and Love in a Cold Climate was sweet. I may buy some of her other novels to keep in reserve, just in case I need something fluffy and British and vintage.

Next Monday is the 19th so that gets my attention and I am doing a little bit of holiday sweating. I am sending some cards, the family photo turned out fine. I am trying to find something for my mother and my mother in law. I just found a cute bag printed with asparagus on etsy. That may be it for G.

Such quotidian smallness. That's what I've got right now. And I'll take it.

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Lucy said...

I always meant to get hold of some more Nancy Mitford novels after the 'Love' twosome, but never really got round to it. I did read a follow-up called 'Don't tell Alfred' which my mum had, with the same characters, which was entertaining but not quite as spot-on.

You probably know Jessica Mitford better than I, as she was really more an American figure for most of her life, but 'Hons and Rebels' is a good companion volume to the NM novels, a bit more truthful and less uncritical about the landed English weirdos they came from, but still very funny. It's still in print, I think.

Your quotidian smallness is not to be sniffed at!