Friday, December 2, 2011

Red Rocks

We did it! Drove to Denver and back and got a good visit in the middle all in slightly over four days. It was a good proof that we can do such things. Maybe Wry will come out and bring his boys some time to visit us.

It's been almost a week since we've been back and the short days and holiday amp up have kicked my butt. But I'm getting through my Friday and I've started my period and onward!

We had a great time seeing wildlife on this trip. A friend who lives on the west side of Denver showed us the prairie dog towns at the edges of her burb. The critters were fat and active and those dusty fields were such busy places. The most populous fields were the grounds of the federal prison. No trees, good sight lines and black tailed prairie dogs are federally protected. A marriage made in heaven. As we were driving back and stopped at a light Katy sang out -- "aren't those bald eagles?" And damn! there were two eagles on the ground to our left, about 40 yards away. One was busily eating what we assume to be a prairie dog. Circle of life!

We saw deer and antelope. The pronghorns were a first for Nod, he was delighted. They were browsing in a stubbly field in the morning as we headed west out of Denver. I have seen them often in Colo, Utah in rockier country.

Allison took us to a great hiking trail. We made it up to the top of a ridge which allowed the kids plenty of rock climbing (both of them were almost baying with their desire to climb ) and left us still alive. I smelled a beautiful pine tree and it was vanilla ponderosa flavor. Mmmm. We were pooped after the high alt hiking. Drove over to Red Rocks Ampitheater since it was right there. I've heard about that place since high school when Angie Lee went to see U2 there. Still jealous. She was lucky to have a big brother, I'll bet that's why she got to go. The photo above is the southern view of the big stripey rocks. Thank you to the photographer I ganked it from. It is a gorgeous place. The sun was starting down and the kids were whiny so we just peeked over to see the seats and stage before scramming. I'm glad I saw it. And really I'm glad to have seen it without 20000 other humans to wade through.

The T'giving meal was great. My bro and his companion Jennifer toiled hard to bring the traditional meal to table. I miscalculated and had a little of all four desserts. I know now that I should have saved dessert for breakfast. As it was I felt a bit like an anaconda trying to digest a small goat. We had beautiful weather, got to get outside every day. Wry is doing okay and has his shared parenting routine and the boys seem well. We played a very retro board game: Payday. It has fabulous mid-seventies graphics. Wry said it's too much like real life (you get bills all the time and try to make it to Payday! every month) but the kids liked it. There was a lot of staring at skateboarding games.

Stay well and keep lighting candles. Then don't forget to blow them out. I'm starting to think that I need to set a timer every time I light candles. Realizing that I've walked away from them again! gives me the willies.

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