Wednesday, December 21, 2011


If it is raining in the evening and the temperature drops overnight, the rain can turn to snow. A thin layer of ice may cover your car making it hard, or even impossible to open the doors. That's what I thought had happened this morning. No amount of banging on the doors helped. So we scraped ice off the Subaru (I was able to get those doors open with thumping) and were just a little late to school / work. Since I took the Sub and couldn't open the Mazda I had no parking pass. Of course I had a parking ticket when I left at noon. And then I went home to see if the Mazda had thawed. It had. But I also noticed that I needed to UNLOCK it in order to get in. The fact that it's locked being another reason that car doors might not open. I will be paying a $25 stupidity ticket to the venal grasping Parking Office.

I was a cooking rockstar and made roasted chicken wings and thighs and a potato leek parmesan frittata last night. I mailed my mom's bday giftie pkg today. Such accomplishments. I'm twiddling thumbs at work waiting for the five bell to ring.

The kids and I have been watching some Glee. They like it. I do too but it is short attention span theatre and not very appropriate, to use that popular parenting word. I told Katy last night that I was taking it back to the library before her grandma arrives. I just don't want to watch that with Elaine.

There is a picture of some people dressed up as the 3 Magi for a living nativity in this post. As noted in the comments, the secret to good magi is always funny hats. To immediately contradict this rule, Katy won't have a very funny hat, she has a costume-crown-looking crown. But as she's the ittiest Wise Man she's funny enough without.

Do you have a glow? It's lovely and sunny today here for the shortest day. Happy Solstice to all. And around we go again.


Lucy said...

You sound like you're usually a cooking rockstar!

Have a wonderful Christmas, you and yours.

Nimble said...

Thanks and to you! I went on to roast a very tasty turkey for Christmas day. My secret is dry brining and using a small bird. Ours was 11# and the easiest I've ever done. I had been threatening to spatchcock the turkey but decided that required too much thought.