Friday, January 20, 2012

Bitter cold now. Why yes, it *is* mid January. A co worker just told me it's supposed to be down to 3F overnight. ("Single digits" as we say, overdramatizing the arbitrary measurement we're using.) (But it's supposed to warm up again to at least the low 50s next week so overall the warm dry winter trend continues.) I thought about running errands last night but a quickie to take Katy to choir practice and Lexi to the library was all I could do. Then I had to go home and put on fuzzy warm layers. Outgoingness postponed.

Featherheads. The kids in town (or at least at our elementary school) are wild about wearing a feather in their hair. Mostly girls but not exclusively. Lexi got one last weekend at a birthday party and Katy immediately had to have her own. We stumbled across some in Walgreens. She picked something small and cute. I guess I was fearing something bigger and more Cher. We've washed Lexi's hair with it in once already, it doesn't seem to have harmed it. Katy's is on a clip and that seems more practical to me. Sometimes in the wind Lexi's feather stands straight up, very funny.

We're giving Anne of Green Gables a try, reading aloud at bedtime. I know, it's a true children's classic but I've never read it before so I'm taking its measure. I am a little out of breath after Chapter 2, Anne certainly can talk the hind leg off a donkey. I like that Chapter 2 is titled Matthew Cuthbert Is Surprised. And Chapter 3 is titled Marilla Cuthbert Is Surprised. Is Marilla a variation on Maria? Hm, some random babyname website tells me it's a variation of Amaryllis.

For non-kid-related reading I have just finished Thank You, Jeeves by Wodehouse. I hadn't read it before and that was a treat. I was even able to follow all the plot swerves. Sometimes I think those are so piled on that I can't keep track of what six different characters are doing in the middle of the night in the country house. The interchangeable use of nigger and Negro to describe a visiting minstrel group was alarming. I would support a mild bowdlerization in favor of the acceptable word. I've given up on The Crown of Silence after a vision quest y thing in the middle where our protagonist met the winter king sacrificed for the life of the land and blah blah blah. I think I'll read the R.A. MacAvoy Lens of the World trilogy again to get some good fantasy in my brain. But just at the moment I am reading A Red Herring Without Mustard by Alan Bradley. It jumped off the shelf at me and I can't put it down yet. It's his third Flavia de Luce mystery. I read the second after spurning the first for being too popular. But I really should get back and read that one too (The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie which sounded to me like some sort of southern American chick lit thingie which of course it isn't.)

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