Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Turning up my nose

Don't make me...
Recently read recipe title: Roasted winter squash salad. It sounds absolutely unappealing.

But I have an eggplant aging in my fridge and here's an eggplant roasting technique that has my attention. Broil slices that have been oiled, salted and peppered. (#@)& the salting and draining first approach. Life is too short to do extra eggplant wrangling. If your eggplant is bitter throw it out and eat something else.

Smitten's mushroom bourguignon recipe is also beckoning to me. So I haven't lost my yen for food. I'm just finding that certain suggestions do not meet my needs.

I'm snacking on the Homesick Texan blog list this afternoon. Thank goodness for a substantial trove to pick through. I tried The Pioneer Woman's list but those blogs are mostly about food beauty shots and cuteness. But I am such a liar, here's a carne asada taco recipe that I got from one of them. The same blog has lots of recipes for cookies stuffed with other cookies. Leaving me baffled here. I require only one layer of cookie.

Ooh here's another one for my never-make-this list: Sweet potato and pecan fudge.
What a grump.

Something I'm excited about. There are things. I'm excited. And positive. Sometimes.

Black tea is high on my list of good things right now. Small sewing projects are making me happy. Mostly I've been patching the kids' clothes in creative ways. Katy has fewer things being the pioneer child in the larger sizes. Lexi has lots and lots of handmedowns while Katy is on the bleeding edge with her 7s and 8s. And she's hard on the knees of her leggings. I am looking forward to patching a knee tonight.

Should I go see Girlyman next Friday? I'm on the fence. Probably it'll sell out...

Something else bloggy to be wildly excited about: This is Kymm's site where she is "Reviewing Every Single Thing Imaginable in 2012". Yes, she has opinions and enthusiasm. You don't want to miss it.

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