Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Great Responsibility

Knit Urgency
Finished second mitten. Both girls have worn them. Katy says they look like Little House on the Prairie mittens. Ha!

I bought blue wool/acrylic yarn on Saturday and started a sweater pattern. Found circular knitting needles that I haven't used since the early 90s. I really impressed myself by digging those up. Got to row 12 and realized I was lost. Ripped out and started again trying to keep better track of where I was. Now I'm back to row 10 and realized that I've dropped one stitch. I think I can add it back and continue. But maybe I should rip back and correct, argh.Otherwise I'll see the slub up by the neck of the sweater forevermore. Knitting is like a craft and a puzzle all together. Provides good cursing exercise too.
Two days later: I decided to go on and ignore my missed stitch. Sweater is on row 15 and has a new flub. I find that I should not knit much past 9:15pm as my error rate goes up. I like to knit in front of the tv but probably the radio is a better companion. Maybe I can blame my dyslexia on all the glancing up I was doing during Smash. I seem to reverse my loop formation every once in a while for no reason. For the first time I regret whatever ambidextrous tendencies I have. The pattern is now telling me to  "repeat these four rows" about 20 times until the next dramatic development. This would be less daunting if my errors were fewer. I like the yarn color and the weight. I hope I can get a wearable sweater out of this.

Rube Project
Katy has been talking for months with her enrichment teacher about a Rube Goldberg device competition at the university. I signed a permission form after carefully scanning it for parental responsibilities and not finding any. I figured they would construct something at school. But no, the mom of another student told us she was freaking out because the due date approacheth but she didn't know what the requirements were or how to help her kid. She did get the info finally. I am unwilling to take on the burden of project managing the effort. So I am open to the idea that they may not be able to get it done in ten days. But Katy is going over to her friend's house after school today and we'll see how far they get. Maybe friend and friend's parents will want to finish it up at their house. I am again taking my brain by the hand and consciously not taking this on.

Beat with Sticks
Is how I felt after work yesterday. It was a day with nonstop requests for responses from our team. Most days are not so hectic. In addition we had a walk-through for a new process and I was completely at sea. I wasn't feeling very well and being so unable to do the thing I was being shown put me close to tears. I realized I was taking it all too personally but that didn't make me feel immediately better. I asked a couple of questions and said that I'd try it on my own and see where I had trouble. So far today I'm avoiding it. But today I am not taking things so to heart. The software that creates printing access documents is not really all about me after all.

Time for Jeeves
It's time for me to read the February Jeeves and Wooster novel: Right Ho, Jeeves for my Goodreads group. I am sure I will enjoy this dip into the Wodehouse waters. Nothing else bookwise is grabbing my brain at the moment.

A Moment of Inattention
On Sunday I volunteered to help coordinate the Common House committee for our neighborhood community. It was a bit accidental. But at least I had the sense to wait until I a co-conspirator was identified. I'll have someone to complain to. Yikes I think I'll have to start reading the email threads more than once a week.

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