Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Luv Spuds

I baked potatoes on Saturday and treated myself to the world's best twice baked pots. It's an Indian spice taste bonanza. Pretty sure I've linked the Bon Appetit recipe before. This weekend I was a little exasperated by all the chopping and mixing this time around. Chopping, grating, mixing and wait, there's more! No way is this going to be worth all this effort. I must have misremembered the deliciousness. But lo and behold it was entirely worth the trouble. These potatoes are yumazing. My only modification is that I didn't have a fresh chile on hand so I added some cayenne liberally to the potato filling. And I think it's good to go light on the grated cheese, it doesn't need much. I am almost ready to go back to work and do it all again.

I had a little leftover baked poato that didn't get the Indian spice treatment. I ate it last night with sauteed mushrooms and a little sour cream. That bowl of food also made my toes curl with happiness. I do eat things besides potatoes. Last night I also made a pot of tomato soup (repeat link) for Katy and I to enjoy. I don't usually make it with cream or half and half. I had planned to add a dollop of plain yogurt to our bowls from a new pint of Dannon. But I discovered it had an off taste. It's not spoiled, it smells like vanilla. It's not sweet at all but it tastes as though 1/4 of the vanilla flavoring from the vanilla variety had been added. Odd and no good for tomato soup. Instead I put a little pat of butter and a splash of milk in the soup. Tasty. We both noticed that it coated the spoon with a sort of rubbery layer. The acid of the tomatoes must do something to the milk protein, right? It did not seriously detract from our soup enjoyment.

The girls are making their own valentines this year. I am surprised at how enthusiastic they got about it. And I haven't had to cut out 50 tiny paper hearts or anything to help. They are growing up! If I want to cut out 50 tiny hearts I'll have to do it on my own behalf. I think Katy is completely done with hers and Lexi might be done as well.

Doesn't the new Selena Gomez song sound like Gaga to you? It's not just the autotune stutter, I wonder if the same producer is involved.

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