Wednesday, February 29, 2012

State of the fam

Work is busy right now. Some dumb things have taken my free-time attention. Self reporting below.

My right ear doesn't work quite right but it is not infected. I went to the dr. yesterday to ask. I felt crummy but was told nothing exciting or prescription-worthy is going on. So I'm on decongestant and tylenol and I am ready for this shit to move along.

Lice came home on Lexi's head. I spent five days washing clothes/bedding/coats/everything and combing and picking and cussing. But it was well spent because we have gotten rid of them. I will do a careful check tonight in front of the sunlamp before I get too cocky.

Do not read if you are already feeling itchy. I am sorry to say that I have practiced enough to have a favorite method but here it is. Do a check behind ears, the back of the neck and by the temples. Drop nits/lice found into soapy water, flush when done. Then use the chemical shampoo. Our school district requires one dose of that stuff before kids with lice can go back to school. But I don't think it actually works. Check for and remove lice and nits every morning and evening. On a weekend day put olive oil on the kid's head. Let it stay for 20 or 30 min. Comb through and remove any lice/nits. The oil suffocates the adults and makes them slow moving. It will take three or more shampooings to get all the oil out. So the kid may look oily for a while. Better oily than buggy! Keep checking and do the follow up dose of the medicated shampoo as indicated (ours is 7 to 10 days after the first use). In your spare time, wash everything that comes into contact with the kid's head.

Thus endeth the lice chapter. God willing.
My sweater is getting a left sleeve. Am I doing it right? Hell, it's my first sweater. I take comfort from seeing that the sleeve is getting longer. I have gotten past the initial excitement for my project and view it as a large mountain of loops to pull at this point. I am looking forward to that landmark moment when I get both sleeves done. Each sleeeve will be sewn together with a seam at the end. If it's unwearable I guess I can sew all the openings shut and make it a pillow! I found the mitten I didn't quite finish crocheting when I was pregnant with Lexi. Aw. Guess I should toss that sucker.

I haven't cooked anything interesting for a while, being quite occupied with bugs or going to bed early. Unrelatedly, I'm going grey in a big way this year. Nod is too. We're silvering, right? I like the contrast between brown and white. But I do resent the general loss of color on my head. My hair is longer than it's been for quite a while. A ponytail is even possible although it's teeny.

 March is staring us in the face and it's time to renew our lease for the townhouse. We're re-upping to Aug 2013. Onward! Nod has some reservations. He thinks that we might find the perfect house for much less rent but I have no energy to put towards that at this time. I think we'll get to August '13 and be surprised how quick it's come. Or if we do need to make a move the owners here have said that they'll make it easy for us to go. I think that's true. They are big hearted folks.

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