Monday, February 6, 2012

Too late, blizzard

Getting over my first winter cold. I can check that off forh the season. I have stopped waiting for the blizzard. Our weirdly mild winter is marching on and we are past the time for any vengeful deepfreeze. My last post's cold snap lasted only a couple of days and no precip. We got some rain and thunder last week, it was appreciated.

Super Bowl viewing was via the internet feed and was not everything that I have come to expect from network television. A neighbor brought her screen and laptop down to the common house so we could all squeeze in and watch together. It was fun for the festive vibe and the great eats (wings, chips&veggies and dips, Guinness cake yum). We didn't get the commercials until after they had run on network, then they were clickable. We didn't get the Madonna halftime show. This set off a tantrum from my oldest child. She was naturally more interested in the halftime show than anything else. The rest of us were a bit disappointed that we didn't get to watch the spectacle. But Katy was bereft. Nod took her home to see if he could get it to come in on our tv. The performance was over by the time they got there and Katy wailed. Nod lost his temper at this moment and stomped out of the house. Then he scraped himself together and comforted Katy. They found ol' Madonna on YouTube and peace was restored. Katy played it for us when we got home too. The SuperBowl was a long boring televisual event for kids. As is traditional. But what a good football game. It wasn't the match up I wanted and it wasn't the winner I wanted but there was plenty to watch until the very end. Pretty boy award goes to JPP. Tom Brady has grown out of that category but he's still more appealing than Eli who reminds me so much of a stump. That's it for football until next August (dusts off hands).

I got bored on Saturday night and taught myself to knit again. I have a great little knitting magazine from circa 1962. It has patterns and basic stitch instructions and pictures of babies with not-really-funny captions and pictures of cool models in the finished items. The model wearing the shoulder shrug (not an item that translates to current style) has the hairstyle and makeup that my mom had when she got married. I love it. I started a child's mitten figuring it would be a good finite learning project. I got a lot of practice casting on because I kept having to rip out the second row. My alternated 2 knit and 2 purl stitches were somehow resulting in way too many stitches. Five do-overs did not improve matters so I dug out my other knitting book (from only 20 years ago) and found the answer. She wrote something like "Remind beginners to switch the yarn when they switch from knit to purl or vice versa." That was it! Much better progress after that. I stayed up too late last night to finish off the first mitten. I'm proud of my accomplishment. (Imagine a small mitten glowing with triumph here.) I intend to start the mate tonight but no more burning the midnight oil. I've proven I can do it now so I can slow down this breakneck pace.

Nod is trying to get back to work on his potboiler novel. He solicited a spare desk from the next-door-neighbors and is going to plug in the old pc in the basement. This will result in a Facebook-free writing environment. There is a tiny house in the neighborhood that Nod says he fantasizes about making into his writing studio. Just enough room for him and no internet! Maybe when he sells that script...

I am intrigued by this metafilter link to a MUD chatroom where everyone is a cat.


Anonymous said...

OK, this isn't really in response to your post, but this is the link to the "Hitler finds out about the Burning Man ticket lottery" video:

Enjoy! I'm with Katy, the Madonna was the absolute best part of the show. We were out at a bar/restaurant and got to watch it. Our host reminded us that she is old enough to have been the mother of the oldest football player. You go Madonna! Show 'em how it's done.

Nimble said...

Thanks AM! I'm glad to know the Hitler videos keep on coming. Last night I watched most of Captain America with Dan. I was very underwhelmed by the super villain. But what an assignment: you have to create a villain who is *worse than Hitler*!!!