Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring sprang

The redbuds are all out, some are shedding flowers and putting out light green leaves now. The daffs are about gone and the tulips just past their peak. It feels like summer or late spring really, highs around 80 and thunderstorms from time to time. I've dug up some of the mint in my porch pot and planted chive seeds. Go chives! It will probably be a fight again the mint all year, I knew it would be a bully in a pot. But hurray for plants that grow vigorously rather than haltingly.

Lexi loves her new glassses. I bought them from Zenni Optical online and they cost $35 and my mother tells me they may be unsafe (tests were done on some eyeglasses ordered from Chinese online stores and not all of them were shatterproof as required for kids glasses). So I am going to take L to Target Optical and buy her another pair of eyeglasses certified safe and ask them to fit these and verify the prescription and see what they say.

Katy got into a spat with a younger neighbor kid yesterday evening. She threw a ball at him (missed) and he threw a ball at her head (hit). Apparently it was his ball and he really didn't want anyone else using it. She was slightly hurt and massively angry about it. We offered to mediate but she said she would talk with him another day. La Furiosa is learning to let her storms subside before taking on the world.

My sweater looks like a sweater with four to six inches missing from the bottom. I sewed the neckline together. That step is not listed until the end but I couldn't stand looking at the raggedy pieces at the top any more. I tried crocheting it together first. That showed me that it would stretch enough to go around but it created a ridge inside the neckline so that was no good. Then I just sewed it per the danged instructions and it is a-ok. The good part is that it really looks like a sweater now. I laid it out with another sweater that actually fits me and I think it's looking good fitwise. The bad part is that all that's left to do is the boring knit around for another six inches of length. Ho hum. And the weather's warmed up so having a lap blanket as a project isn't very appealing. I want to finish it but I don't really want to do the work. To be continued. I have looked at again and have found a couple of craft/stichnbitch groups I may try to help me finish this sucker.

Nod is hatching a plan to get us to the beach on the Texas gulf coast in August before school starts. I am in favor of this project.

I am listening to the healthcare deliberations and trying not to desire an outcome. I think I can take comfort that the conversation is being had. I do not understand anyone who doesn't want to make healthcare available for EVERYONE. There is a great deal of human behavior that is benevolent that is not amenable to legislation. Amazingly enough considering the selfish human tendencies, many of us have a drive to take care of the sick, weak and unwell. That should be cultivated, allowed and encouraged.

Oh and the Final Four men's basketball game tomorrow is provoking plenty of buzz in town. There are plans for shutting Massachusetts Street downtown to cars if KU wins. People like to walk around and wooo! for a while after a big win. Expected to be bigger and wilder Monday night if they take the whole thing. We're going to try to go watch on Saturday night in Allen Fieldhouse. I've never been inside. I'm not a diehard fan but have soaked up more basketball enthusiasm while living in this college town. I may bring earplugs because I am a delicate flower and do not enjoy loudness for its own sake.

Friday, March 16, 2012


Watched the end of Superbad last night with Nod. It made me stay up late too, I couldn't turn off the last 20 minutes, had to see the end. Michael Cera's character and performance is a masterful gender reversal. Very funny.

I got through a new process at work this week. It is kludgy and not a thing of beauty. It has gotten a little better from what it started from. I was reassured as to my own competence that I could get through all the awkward steps and get the desired result. Brain still works!

Going to the St. Pat's parade downtown tomorrow with the kids. We'll leave before it gets too beery. On Sunday we're going to sing bawdy songs with the neighbors. Whee! I am thinking of I Gave Her Cakes and I Gave Her Ale and I need to look up all the words for Madam I'm a Darlin. Other ideas?

My sweater is two sleeved and slowly growing a torso. The highs in the low 80s have slowed me down a bit. Rain and back to the 60s next week! Knitting weather!

But not too much knitting. Must have more adult socializing. Feeling a bit too well situated on my ice floe.

Monday, March 5, 2012


The various pestilences have past and I've been cooking again. Here's a lovely quick cake that tastes like something in between cornbread and pound cake although it only uses half a stick of butter. I increased the cornmeal to 1/4 cup and I recommend you do to. I made a lemon simple syrup to pour on top. Nod liked it so well that he requested more for his birthday next week. I'll get some whipping cream to make it fancy.

I've also been enjoying corn in the form of quick grits lately. Grits always make me think of my father. His mother's family was from Florida and he grew up eating grits with red eye gravy. (I don't know exactly what that is, but it probably contained bacon grease and tomatoes.) My mother was uninterested in trying to learn to make that regional specialty so he had to search it out whenever he went down south. I married a Texan who likes cheese grits with his Thanksgiving meal. So we had a box from a long time ago. One day I was pining for polenta and bemoaning the fact that there wasn't enough time (not to mention patience) to make it. And then I remembered the quick grits. Cooked in five minutes and stirred up with some parmesan and some grated monterey jack, they are an excellent substitute for polenta. I may never go back.

Here's a good discussion of trying out vegan eating. (Wait, not eating vegans...) It's written by a NYC foodie guy who has eaten everything and feels like this is the right direction for him. I feel threatened when I think about giving up cheese. But I can imagine giving up meat. Admittedly there would be some pouting.

I walked to work this morning. I would be happier about it if I hadn't tweaked my right knee. I may aim for three out of five days this week. I wasn't quite on time to work this morning and I am still trying to learn how to get my schedule right.

The sweater has a sleeve. Hee! I am working on the other sleeve now.  I'll try to hold myself to just the two.