Monday, March 5, 2012


The various pestilences have past and I've been cooking again. Here's a lovely quick cake that tastes like something in between cornbread and pound cake although it only uses half a stick of butter. I increased the cornmeal to 1/4 cup and I recommend you do to. I made a lemon simple syrup to pour on top. Nod liked it so well that he requested more for his birthday next week. I'll get some whipping cream to make it fancy.

I've also been enjoying corn in the form of quick grits lately. Grits always make me think of my father. His mother's family was from Florida and he grew up eating grits with red eye gravy. (I don't know exactly what that is, but it probably contained bacon grease and tomatoes.) My mother was uninterested in trying to learn to make that regional specialty so he had to search it out whenever he went down south. I married a Texan who likes cheese grits with his Thanksgiving meal. So we had a box from a long time ago. One day I was pining for polenta and bemoaning the fact that there wasn't enough time (not to mention patience) to make it. And then I remembered the quick grits. Cooked in five minutes and stirred up with some parmesan and some grated monterey jack, they are an excellent substitute for polenta. I may never go back.

Here's a good discussion of trying out vegan eating. (Wait, not eating vegans...) It's written by a NYC foodie guy who has eaten everything and feels like this is the right direction for him. I feel threatened when I think about giving up cheese. But I can imagine giving up meat. Admittedly there would be some pouting.

I walked to work this morning. I would be happier about it if I hadn't tweaked my right knee. I may aim for three out of five days this week. I wasn't quite on time to work this morning and I am still trying to learn how to get my schedule right.

The sweater has a sleeve. Hee! I am working on the other sleeve now.  I'll try to hold myself to just the two.

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