Friday, March 16, 2012


Watched the end of Superbad last night with Nod. It made me stay up late too, I couldn't turn off the last 20 minutes, had to see the end. Michael Cera's character and performance is a masterful gender reversal. Very funny.

I got through a new process at work this week. It is kludgy and not a thing of beauty. It has gotten a little better from what it started from. I was reassured as to my own competence that I could get through all the awkward steps and get the desired result. Brain still works!

Going to the St. Pat's parade downtown tomorrow with the kids. We'll leave before it gets too beery. On Sunday we're going to sing bawdy songs with the neighbors. Whee! I am thinking of I Gave Her Cakes and I Gave Her Ale and I need to look up all the words for Madam I'm a Darlin. Other ideas?

My sweater is two sleeved and slowly growing a torso. The highs in the low 80s have slowed me down a bit. Rain and back to the 60s next week! Knitting weather!

But not too much knitting. Must have more adult socializing. Feeling a bit too well situated on my ice floe.

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