Thursday, May 17, 2012


We went strawberry picking last week. Nod and I were both pretty tired after work but made the effort to round up all two children and find the farm. There's no down side, I concluded, we'll end up with berries no matter what. It was about 7pm, a beautiful golden twilight. We got a little carried away with our treasure hunting/picking and ended up with a whopping 12.5 pounds of berries. I figured we'd freeze some after we got tired of eating them. But that didn't happen and over the next four days we ate them all. They were so ripe and soft that they couldn't last any longer than that anyhow. The field smelled like jam. Happy sigh. Nod went back last night with a friend and brought home a modest 4#. Berries for breakfast, berries at every meal. I just had a vision yesterday of eating a ripe peach. It may be time to look for early ones. Nod brought home a flier for a U Pick peach farm to the east. I haven't picked peaches since we went to the Delta north of San Francisco around 2000. Seasonal fruit! is my battle cry.
But don't think you can have any blackberries. Mimi Smartypants is eating them all.

A crummy day has gotten better. I have been riding the hormone train for the last couple of days and woke up achey. Got to work and couldn't find my badge which is also my office door key. I signed out a temp badge which wasn't as shaming as I expected. After a dose of ibuprofen, a couple of hours and a cup of tea, life seemed better. Then my coworker T brought me flowers and cinnamon rolls for my birthday. She is a sweet soul in a loudmouth body, I like her a lot.

Lexi has her first softball practice tonight and Katy's first one is tomorrow. Vroom, here we go into summer.


Bee said...

Your berry experience sounds like a good children's book idea . . . (clearly I've been reading too many of them and have children's books on the brain.)
Speaking of strawberries, I saw your comment about Wimbledon -- and strawberries with cream is definitely not a myth. De rigueur, my dear.

Oh! Happy Birthday!!
Wish that I could send you a cinnamon roll or something equally nice.

The Nag said...

I can't believe that you ate 12.5 pounds of strawberries. That's colossal!

Nimble said...

@Bee: mmmm berries and cream. Maybe I'll go get some cream to help the celebration. I recommend that everyone celebrate a birthday in May, it's the best month. You can borrow mine if you like.

@Nag: Yeah it's a little staggering. I must point out that I did have three other people helping.