Wednesday, May 9, 2012


You may need to spend some time with My Daguerrotype Boyfriend. I know I do.

The word 'scalp' is currently weirding me out. I read it several times and then it morphed into a very unlikely seeming syllable. But I don't have a good replacement ('headtop', anyone?). My own is flaky oh so dry and itchy. I'm sure it's not bugs -- I checked! Just dry skin, especially at the hairline above my forehead for maximum exposure of the dandruff. I'm going to try putting lotion on it tonight. I'll wash my hair in the morning. Then I'll see if there is any change; hopefully not just more oily hair.

Took Katy home yesterday from school. She got queasy after doing sprints in the morning (US fitness test? not sure). She said she had a headache and wasn't hungry. It was the lack of hunger and the lack of complaining about her recently sprained ankle that convinced me she should go home. No fever, she rested all day and felt better by evening. Back to school this morning, she even went early for the student council meeting. I worry about being a patsy when I'm not worried about ignoring symptoms. I guess I'd rather be a patsy occasionally. Lord knows I need a down day every once in a while. I'm sure the kids do too.

Both girls are signed up for summer softball. On different teams. This may present scheduling challenges as there will be two practice schedules and two game schedules. I'm going to assume we can do it all until proven otherwise.

There is a wildflower walk on Mother's Day at the edge of town. I'm kind of excited about it. Realized that I need to get my mom's day card in the mail today if poss. And after that thought I've just used the intertubes to send my mother some high desert wildflower seeds. It's sort of like a bouquet, right? Except more work and it probably won't get to her for a couple weeks. My mom told me that she had some volunteer blue flax flowering on her patio. Happy sigh. Trying not to worry about my MIL, letting Nod take the lead on that.

Missed the library's craft evening last night. I knew there was something I was forgetting and I even *went* to the library but with other ends in mind. Came home with the first season of Sherlock so I am v. v. pleased. Got Nod interested in the first ep too. I told him that he shares the comics world with me and I share my anglophilia arts with him. Yes we have seen The Avengers and it was good. Engaging, exciting, funny and even moving. I only had a few thoughts about required smash 'em up scenes. Grand Central Station certainly takes it in the teeth. Courtesy of my avenging spouse I was surprised to realize that I had seen all of the prequel movies. Including most of Captain America (which lost me due to the lack of an interesting villain. Nod told me patiently that Red Skull was extremely faithful to the comics so I guess I was not the audience for that one.) Yay Iron Man, I think I have to watch that one again now. Got an explanation of Tony Stark's Black Sabbath t shirt: that album has a song by Ozzy called "Iron Man". Okay, that was actually less funny than I expected. But it's only a t shirt. Joss for president!

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Bee said...

The only thing I really liked about The Avengers was the Ironman character. It was just too loud and explosive for me, but I've never liked/understood the appeal of comics, either.