Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Stripey trees

Friday evening we noticed a yard on the corner had some tree trunks wound around with multiple colors of crepe paper. It was for a 5th grader's bday party. Rainbow stripey tree trunks are my new favorite thing. A neighbor wants me and our other knitter to knit bomb the trees in our courtyard. I am reluctant because after the first day what you have is grubby yarn-covered trunks. Crepe paper would be easier to put on and take off. Although, maybe what would be fun is long ribbons at six inch intervals. It would look spiff in a good breeze. Hm...
Last night I awoke due to lightning flashes and thunder at 1a. Then the hailstones started. It often sounds at the beginning of a hailstorm as though someone is throwing them one at a time. Then they come in a rush, too many for even a team of flingers. The weather service warning said half dollar sized hail and from the sound they made hitting the roof I think that's a good guess. (How many 25 year olds could tell you the size of a half dollar coin? I haven't handled many of them. We do keep one in our special coin jar.) Trying to fall asleep afterwards I was zapped back to awareness when my husband sneezed downstairs. My brain gave me a good jolt of adrenaline when I heard the sneeze. Beware! Allergens! or maybe dust! Stupid brain. We're going to have a high temp in the 60s tomorrow which seems weird. No hail damage as far as I could see this morning.

Finished One of Our Thursdays is Missing which was better than the last Thursday Next novel I read. Quite satisfying. His description of fan fiction as a party is great. It really should be taken as a celebration of the power of the story. I guess I believe that when profit appears it's time to get your lawyer.
Softball games start this week and our calendar is full of practice times and game times and I think it's all going to hit the fan when I start my Tues/Thurs Zumba classes next week. We'll just do what we can.

I have to check the city band concert schedule. That's another thing to keep us up late on summer evenings, getting mosquito bitten in the park. Just looked it up: they start tonight at 8pm with Benny Goodman music. It may be worth the bugbites. I feel like the kids are finally old enough to do some of those evening things without having to be carried home afterwards. 8 and 10 is a more mobile, resilient set of ages. Yeehaw! We all had a great time at the pool in Shawnee on Monday. Katy and Nod and I rode the water slides. Lexi stuck to the Lazy River ride and we all did that a bunch of times. Lexi is caution on her plinth (or something like that). I need to get her back on the bicycle for more practice too. Maybe cookies will be a good incentive.

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