Thursday, May 3, 2012


My blog post editing display has changed and I feel all disoriented. Or disorientated as the Brits would say. Where is my orient?

Kickball doom tonight. It's our doubleheader and last week we lost by 31 to 1. As Nod told me that score is an achievement. I took it badly and grumbled about the umpire and the other teams and our outfield and it didn't do me much good. This week I am resolved to kick and throw and catch and manage to enjoy myself whatever happens. It's fresh air and exercise and the goofiest sport around. I just didn't know it was populated by fit 30 somethings with chips on their shoulders. I was hoping for older duffers like myself.

My mom is coming for a visit next week. I have many cleaning chores to do in the next six days. I hope I can delegate some of them.


And then April blew past with a warm whoosh. Hello, May. Kickball got much better and then I quit. We all got better at throwing and catching and not sucking. Everyone was positive and we had a good ref and we lost by smaller and smaller scores and it was delightful. But I had to quit. I had sciatic pain every night after finishing. The doubleheader made it so I could hardly walk afterward. I am embarrassed that I am too old for kickball. Or at least there is "a conditioning issue" as Nod says.

Mom was here, just left Tuesday. I took several days off work. It was nice to be off work. It was nice to see her. But I am in a slough of 'is that all there is'? Looking for moments of delight. I get along with my mother but I have a hard time figuring out what will delight *her*. We had some wonderful meals out, a novelty for me. The kids were charming which is their job.

I wish I could spend some time braiding Katy's hair. I need to work out the reverse French braid. Sometimes spending my day at work is just so dumb.

Nod has online friends that he chats with through Facebook and IM. I am jealous. He cultivates his pals and I would like to follow his example. Now I feel sorry for myself. To wallow for a moment: my scalp is flaking away to beat the band, the winter fat layer is recalcitrant, my magic wand isn't working.

But back in the land of glory -- I finished my sweater. It fits and I am an amazing knitter. I have started a hoodie cardigan for Katy. I have changed the pattern around (smaller yarn, smaller needles) and I may have over-succeeded in making it too small. I am going to finish the back panel and measure it and see.

Neighbor Jen and I are resolved to do something friendly soon. I am resolved that we will have family picking up time Saturday morning or die trying. I bought tickets for the MOVIES on Saturday at 12:20, the first non-3D showing of The Avengers, the movie Nod has been waiting for since he was 11. I'm excited too.


Bee said...

Oh, dear! I'm feeling bad about dissing The Avengers. (Simon liked it, too.)

I was rather amazed to learn that there is an adult kickball league! I'm pretty sure that I wasn't very good at that game in elementary school. Wouldn't like to fling my 45 year old body at a rubber ball! I've started playing tennis again and have had some REALLY sore moments. It's not a good thing when you play sport and then feel, on the morning after, like someone has kicked you repeatedly with a steel-toed boot.

One last thing: my parents are soon arriving for what will be the THIRD long visit of the year.

Nimble said...

Naw, go ahead, dis away. It's a comic book superheroes movie. I left with a big smile on my face, but it's not for everyone.

I have signed up for a Zumba class (dance cardio exercise) twice a week starting in June. I hope I like it. I need some structure to my exercising.

Wow, three long parental visits. Your folks must like England. And your mom needs your support?