Thursday, June 21, 2012

Cornbread and Parenting

Cornbread. It's important stuff. It's best right after it comes out of the oven but I gladly eat leftovers the next couple of days. Or crumble into soup, to feel rich. Historically I used the Quaker recipe on the cornmeal container with the sugar reduced. But then I tried the old Mollie Katzen Moosewood recipe and that's now my steady. Of course I make adjustments: Use 3T veg oil instead of butter (that way I figure I can justify putting butter on it once it's baked). Use plain yogurt (I use low fat yog thinned with a little milk) instead of buttermilk. Use 1/2 t kosher salt and 2T sugar instead of honey. Sometimes this mixture is too dry and I add a little more milk. Very thick batter, the thickest of any cornbread recipe I've used. Always done after 20 min in that hot hot oven. 

Left my car windows cracked last night and it rained significantly. Seats were not too wet this morning. I laid awake worrying about it in the night, wish I could exchange that time for equivalent minutes of peaceful sleep.

Katy stayed at home yesterday instead of going to Boys&Girls Club. They were taking all kids to a YMCA camp for outdoor activities. I didn't blame her for not being enthusiastic, she's done her camp time. Lexi said it was so-so. Katy made a mess while working on a DIY stuffed animal sewing project but she picked it up after softball. She is happiest when she has a project of some sort. I got a call from the principal yesterday saying that Katy and her friend's worm farm grant had been approved. I had not paid much attention to that application but think it is good news. I told Katy we could get her a tiny little lasso so she'll be ready when school starts.

At the end of the day Katy went out to have "wand duels" with some of the other kids. (Point your wand at a friend and yell a spell, either a Harry Potter spell or something you've invented.) She was furious when I called her in for bed. We had some words. I made an effort to get past the irritation and asked her to say three things that were good about her day. She got to four and both of us felt better by then. La Passionata.

Lexi has nits. I am about ready to pin it on the Boys&Girls club crowd. But blame doesn't really get me anything. Dosed with the med. shampoo and I combed her yesterday. Will rinse her hair with vinegar tonight. I'm not freaking out, I think I have done all the emoting I need to do. Lexi came with us to Katy's softball game last night. She wanted to play catch for most of it. It was fun until my hands hurt. Her throws are getting more accurate and effective. Katy's team too is all showing improvement, their fielding throws are longer and better aimed.

If you need a reminder why common parenting struggles are something to be grateful for, here is a blog post to raise your hair. A mother writes about her high schooler who has developed immune system issues and significant mental health issues in the last two years. It's bad and sad for them right now. It's tempting to be grateful for normal. But the idea of normal is such an illusion. We're here and we're lucky to be here.


The Nag said...

Yum! I love cornbread either on it's own or as a topping on casseroles, chili, etc. My boys like it when I add corn kernels or sun dried tomatoes to the batter.

Nimble said...

I will have to try sun dried tomatoes, they are totally yum. My favorite pizza topping combo is sun dried tomatoes, spinach and feta.