Friday, June 15, 2012

Forward progress

Trying to remember to try out new things. Oh this innovation, it's so itchy and newfangled. But here's an eye worthy tumblr I found that looks like it's by a forest ranger photographer. They take landscape pictures in Northern NM around Los Alamos. Ahhhhh. Of course I still don't get the tumblr thing. No comments, just likes right? Dull if you ask me.

Walked up the hill to the university library yesterday at midday. It was hot but breezy and very pleasant to be outside. Then I got to climb stairs and go from 11/2 East to 21/2 West to 4. I find the physical search for books inside this library very satisfying. And now I'm reading Courtesans and Fishcakes and am very pleased with life.

Enjoy Dooce's letter to her just turned three year old. I don't think Heather has all the answers but she does a good job telling us what the world is like from her twig. The anarchist child bringing joy to the control freak parent's heart is a good story.

I got my eyes checked recently. Although I am not having problems it felt like the responsible thing to do. I love my glasses and do not want to replace them short of catastrophic failure. I am flirting with the idea of getting disposable contacts with my insurance $. Must check and see how much they pay for. I like this eye office better than the other two I've been to in town. Nod says he's fed up with the one he's going to now so they may get all our business. I want to get Lexi another pair if we can do it for <$100. Her cheapie pair that I ordered online have done yeoman's service but I think she needs a backup pair. That fit. And are guaranteed to have the right correction. And won't explode.

I had a dream this week that we had a couple of rooms that were full of things we hadn't unpacked since we moved. The kids wanted to get everything out and I was feeling harried. But it seemed possible to start sorting through. That's pretty clear brain, thanks.

After a few days of idle complaining, I followed up on a smell emanating from the pantry. The culprits were a few potatoes becoming horrible in a plastic bag. Quickly gotten rid of. After that good deed I got out my slush pile of paid bills and important papers and sorted last night. I pitched things and found things (glasses prescription for Lexi!) and it was quite satisfying. Talked about cars with Nod. He doesn't want to take on a big car loan. Just a little car loan. So my dreams of a two year old car are not happening.

I went to the woo dance last Sunday with my nabe. It's called Sweat Your Prayers and is a free form dance hour with an "intention" and no talking. The leader is self described as bossy and I didn't get much from her intention but I liked her and her dj-ing. It was geeky and wonderful. A room full of good will. So many things going through my head during that time and quite amazing to multiply that mental activity by all the folks in the room. I remembered to go easy on my knees, not to make things too pretty, and not to suck up to the teacher.

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