Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Turn up the

If I was young and spending all my extra entertainment money going to the movies I would go see all of these. That's Entertainment Weekly's picks for summer movies that don't require you to check your brain at the theater door. My friend Bee didn't feel the love for The Avengers and I would guess that she'd like these better. As it is I'm pretty excited that we're going to go see Brave as a family this weekend. That's two well reviewed first run movies in one summer!! Feels like a comeback.

Went skinny dipping at the lake last Sunday. It was bright and hot and the water is still cool. A good place to be at the start of a baking heatwave. Taking my glasses off helps me not care who's looking and makes me feel like I'm the starlet of a certain age in a vaseline lens shot. Ahh, all pretty now. The kids spent that afternoon at a neighbor's house. Those are the neighbors who have the Lego treasure pit in their basement and the kids were busy constructing their respective Lego armies. Katy asked where we were going and I said we were going to have an adult swim outing to a place where we could swim naked. She wrinkled her nose and asked "Is that legal?" I assured her she wouldn't have to stand bail for us and she informed me that she was not interested in going. Good, since she wasn't invited. There were some kids in swimsuits at the lake. I am a little disappointed in myself for not feeling happy and supportive about this family outdoorness. I'd rather it was adults only.

If you'd like to read some funny and very musical writing about Bach's Goldberg variations, here is a page with links to Jeremy Denk's posts for NPR from earlier this year. He is a contrarian full of appreciation.

The girls are both tan and their hair has lightened in the sun. Their softball skills are improved after only a month. Watermelons in the grocery store are decent. Look quick, summer's here and then it's gone. We're going out to the country to watch fireworks on the evening of July 3. That suits me down to the ground. If we were to go out on the 4th then I have to get up (and get the girls up) early the next morning and go to work. Instead we'll stay out late on the 3rd and then laze and luxuriate on the 4th. *That* sounds like a holiday.

NPR's morning show series on the global impact of meat eating was annoying me this morning. They have a determinedly lighthearted tone about it. I suppose food news seems less serious than war coverage to the newsreaders. And I suspect that if they were deadly earnest about it I could be annoyed at that too. We're definitely eating less meat in this family. Katy's our vegetarian standard bearer, she even wrote a school essay last year "Why Everyone Should Be A Vegetarian." I've been trying to keep our family food budget down as meat costs have risen. And for a long time I've thought it would be healthier and better for the environment for us to try to have meat be a sometimes rather than an always. We're heavy canned bean consumers right now. Black beans and refried beans do not last long in our house. This page has a good bite sized (oh dear) presentation of the scale of resource consumption that goes into meat production. I think it's good information but for some reason it was getting up my nose this morning.

Last night I watched Masterchef on tv, the free network kind. This show is a repackaged Chopped, branded by Walmart. Kind of an exercise in supermarketing. And yet entertaining... I liked it better than Hell's Kitchen at any rate.

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