Thursday, June 7, 2012

An Update by Bitch Shampoo

The sidebar ads at Blog of a Bookslut are mostly for books, not a surprise. They are usually for kind of trashy looking books. Not sure if that's my browsing history at work or their curation but whatever. Today I misread the author of Too Far, Rich Shapero, as Bitch Shampoo. I'm totally reconsidering that for my nom de plume. Still laughing.

Katy has been at camp for four and a half days now. I am fretting like a mother. No one is surprised but me. I have set aside my worrying several times. No need to imagine misery, she'll be home on Saturday to tell us about her most excellent adventure. And the rest of me feels that I should be vigilant in her absence. Don't forget you have another child! Life without Katy is quite easy and I miss her.

Last night I mowed like a boss, as the kids say. It was mid eighties and the sun was going down. Not humid, there was a breeze. It was as ideal as mowing conditions get. I did the front bit by our parking lot driveway. And I did east and west of our house. I left some for the neighbors because that was enough. I had many thoughts, mowing is good for turning things over in the mind. My conclusions I'll keep to myself. That makes them sound mysterious rather than small potato-y.

Chickpeas. They are not my nemesis, but I remain skeptical despite my falafel passion. While I love them mashed or blended with other tasty ingreds, I quail before whole entire chickpeas. They're too big and too starchy. Chewing one up is like climbing a big bland hill. I made the eggplant and rice dish from Heather Whinney's The Slow Cook Book. It's quite good, flavored with mint and lemon zest and paprika. But the chickpeas are lurking in there, waiting for the next bite to disappoint me. Next time I will omit or mash. I scorched the rice a bit on the bottom of my Le Creuset but luckily that pot is so forgiving it is not inedible. Nod just ran it through the dishwasher again last night. Ay! I suppose if I don't want him doing that I need to clean it myself, grumble grumble.

Finished a mediocre fantasy novel, The Alchemist's Door. I realized as I got to the end that I didn't think I could do it any better. Even though I can tell you what the author did wrong, I can't say I could get all those elements in play any better than she did. This book was part of my mini golem reading series. I was looking for the original golem story from Prague. It is beautifully touched on in Chabot's The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay and is the origin of Pratchett's golems too. I recommend the kid's book The Clay Man: The Golem of Prague by Irene Watts for a brisk retelling. I haven't tried Isaac Bashevis Singer yet. I feel like I'm saving him for later which sounds foolish when I trot it out like that. I've ready some stories, probably in college? But that's a large enough helping of golem for now.

This morning I was finishing my ablutions and getting ready to head out the door. But oh no! a hole in my pants. I decided it was not prominently visible (inner thigh about as high as it can be) and after verifying that my 8 y.o. could not see it went to work in them anyway. Am having a bit of regret and may change at lunch. Time to go look in the restroom mirror. I retired these pants once but then patched a thin spot. This time it's the coup de grace. Kind of satisfying really although I'll miss them.

Goddam! I almost forgot to brag that I'm back to 'real' pushups as of today. Have to praise my arms that are strong enough to take it once again. It feels good. I've also been doing some burpees because this woman mentioned them and piqued my curiosity.

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Joolie said...

I've been doing Burpees all month, but I didn't know they were called that! That's a much better name than "squat thrust," which sounds repulsive.