Thursday, July 5, 2012

Detailed Review

Sunday: Lexi didn't want to eat lunch. I gave her an ultimatum: eat lunch or go lie down. She chose to lie down and slept most of the afternoon. Was running a temperature when she got up. I figured she had what Katy had had a few days before (slight fever, took naps, done in 48 hrs.)

Monday: Stayed home with a puny Lexi who had a hot fever and a Katy who didn't want to go to Boys & Girls Club. Lexi woke up after a nap on the couch and said that it hurt her right ear when she swallowed. I called and got the last appt of the day at the doctor's office. Strep. Started medication that afternoon. I got one sink cleaned and not much else done. But it was good to be able to be home to take care of the sickie.

Tuesday: Lexi was able to sleep through the night, she was hot at 2a but the fever had broken by early morning. I dosed her and gave her breakfast. Left kids at home together and went to work. Came home at lunch to dose her and make sure everybody had lunch/drinks/popsicles. Back to work. My coworker coughed all day long. We finally got to the end of the workday before the holiday. I realized as I left work that I felt overwhelmed by the obligation to have fun celebrating the 4th. I wasn't feeling excited about fireworks (dry, hot weather, images of Colorado burning). We had all intended to go to a party that night south of town for feasting and f'works. Lexi wasn't 24 hrs fever-free yet and maybe I should also spare everyone else my black cloud. I couldn't think of a thing I wanted to do. I also realized that this was a hormonal bad mood and I'd better just wait patiently until it passed.

Lexi seemed better in the evening. No appetite but good spirits and no fever. Nod came home and wanted to take the kids to the camel rides at the fireworks stand. I decided I could go along with this 20 minute seasonal family outing. I frowned at the fireworks tent and tried to get away from some bad parenting while waiting for the girls to have their moment on the lurching beast with long eyelashes. It was pleasasnt if perfunctory. Nod bought what I considered to be entirely superfluous fireworks. At least it was a small handful and he was avoiding all the Shoots Flaming Balls type models. We saw a firework named "Ex Wife". He thought that was funny but in my mood it seemed merely misogynistic. Later I found "Fiery Affair" which I thought would make a nice story arc with the first one.

On the drive home from the fireworks stand we were one of several cars following behind a John Deere somethingorother going about 20 mph. Nod cussed at the car in front of us which was unwilling to pass the tractor/backhoe/thingy. I got more and more agitated as he groused and got too close to the car ahead. Katy suggested he go left at a stopsign to get away from this situation. Nod chose to go straight on and carry on his campaign of complaint. I completely lost my temper and chewed him out. Katy cried. Nod told me I shouldn't go to the party. I told him I had already decided that. Stomping, slamming doors. I went out to watch the neighbor kids throw snappers and light smoke bombs as a way to cheer up. Next door neighbor Gen offered a walk to help me de-fume my brain. As she was still getting over bronchitis it was a short amble but very good to visit with her. Nod later sent me some text msgs about cute things Lexi was doing (singing White Room and deciding that she wanted an outdoor wedding (in cooler weather) with fireworks afterwards, AWWWW). So we made up via texting, how modern of us. They got home by 10:30 and Lexi was no worse for wear in the morning.

Wednesday: Woke without the distaste for humanity and the oppression of existence that had dominated the day before. We all mooched around in the morning and then got ready to go to the movie theater to see Brave. It was fab, we laughed, we cried. Really good quality Disney Pixar entertainment value. More scary stuff than I expected. I was absolutely unspoiled, I had no idea what would happen except for good guys triumphing o'course. The storyline and the long line of female creators (director, writers, etc.) would make any women's studies major proud. My favorite secondary character was Wee Dingwald. Came home and took a nap. It was a holiday.

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