Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Education and Effort

I always learn something from the AV Club's Tolerability Index. Today's new concept to contemplate is the Trendy Top, an infomercial marketed piece of clothing. Well sort of, it's a tube of fabric that goes under your tank top and over your waistband to cover your muffin top or the top of your thong. Like the pregnant ladies wear to cover the bump! As the AV Club writer put it "You don't need a tube top to wear over your pants so your underwear doesn't show, you just need new pants." I represent a segment of the population which does not have the shape for low rise pants. Here's to that pendulum swinging back now.

Trying to write about what I've been eating and drinking without boring myself. I pared it down to these two Smitten Kitchen links and a recommendation that fresh squeezed lime juice is worth the trouble for the margs. But I am not surprised to find that I cannot stop there. The Tzatziki Potato Salad was particularly irresistible and worth the garlic breath. I also made some eggplant stirfry last week but it was less than ideal. The asian eggplant pieces were cooked through but didn't get soft enough so they were still squeaky on the tooth. And the sauce was tomato-y sweetish. But it was not the soft eggplant pieces in a sweet garlic sauce that I yearn for. I think I need to steam the eggplant to start.

A discussion of anti work. It contains the useful definitions of work (the expenditure of energy in a productive process) and leisure (the expenditure of energy without productive result).  I often feel abashed that I do not do more housework. I wish my house was tidier and yet wishing does not make it so. But on the other hand I am mostly satisfied with my ability to pursue leisure activities. I opt for expending energy without a productive result. It's a choice! Well, and sometimes I feel that I need to recover my energy in order to do much of anything. Perhaps I'll be a humming bird person in my next life but in this one I am much more of a tortoise. Katy helped me come up with a chore list and an allowance system for the kids. They have to do 3 chores in a week to earn $1. I think she enjoyed creating the chore system better than doing any of the chores. But it's a good development and furthers getting housework stuff taken care of in our family system.


Last night I was reminded of a film I watched at the ATA in the Mission in San Francisco many moons ago. Digression from my digression: I went to ATA to take a workshop on creating your own website some time around 1999. It was taught by a bored young man who never explained FTP to me so all the html info was useless. I still don't understand that part about how the info goes from my file to be posted on the web. (Thank you Blogger for making this happen while leaving my ignorance undisturbed. Although I still would like to know.)  The Target Shoots First was shot on video by a kid at his first post-college job. He was hired at Columbia Record Club and worked in their offices in the Twin Towers in NYC. So it's a glimpse of life in the 90s in that doomed building. And it's one of those music subscription companies (surely they are mostly defunct by now?) which I remember because I subscribed as a high school student. I remember it as very funny and poignant and honest.

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