Thursday, July 19, 2012


We went to Bloomington Beach at the lake Saturday afternoon. It was remarkably enjoyable. I realized as I started to feel tired at 8pm that our kids are now old enough to stay out for five hours and not need to be rushed home for food/bed/tantrum defusing. Am still wrapping my mind around that. We went with three other families. One of our neighbors built his own tent with canvas, rope, 2x4s and a hammer. It was big enough for a dozen when he was done. His wife seemed to enjoy its shade as she read while the children frolicked. He's an ubercraftsman and showed us the ditty bags he was making with sailcloth, leather and rope. Uber used to be a youth pastor and a firefighter. Skills -- he haz them.

Stayed out until the sun went down. When we drove back we saw several deer browsing in the fields. We kept pointing them out to Lexi to no avail. She didn't have her glasses and she was too tired to care anyway. Coming north across the Clinton Lake dam we got the best view of the western sky. There were a dozen cars pulled over to watch the sunset. Nod said that however tough those Kansans were, pulling off the road to watch the pink clouds indicates they have some poetry in their souls.

Our new friend Kira brought her two teenagers. She has two daughters, one pale as milk and the other olive skinned. May they learn a lot in the next few years and skip most of the available life trauma. To spare their mother if not themselves. They should go through some low grade life trauma so they get experience making decisions and rebounding. Kira wore a white top to go swimming and when she came out it was khaki colored. Ah the fresh mud and alge of a midwestern lake. Nod took her and Katy and the teens out swimming past the yellow barrier. I stayed in the shallower water with Lexi. I told Kira and Nod that they are well matched in yakkity yak. She said she had gone to a knitting meetup and been shushed for talking too much. Weird. Stitch and bitch should always have bitching as the first priority. One can stitch perfectly well in isolation after all. Kira's trying to get someone to knit a beautiful sock pattern at the same time that she does it. I am untried on socks and not that interested in the finished product (although that pattern is charming to the toes). So I passed but Gen says she's ready for the challenge.

Just watched the Irene Adler episode of the BBC Sherlock. Rrrrow. Nod assures me that boys like it too. Spoilers in white: The end was a fun (and completely comic book) rescue from the jaws of disaster. I was fairly appalled at her consorting with Moriarty although it is consistent with the original as I recall. Besides the steam heat it was a witty retelling of the story. We watched the Hound of the Baskervilles ep last night. Nod liked that reworking very much. It wasn't my style of story. Oh all right, I'll 'fess up, I was hoping for more sexy banter.


Lucy said...

It's heartening how kids, and everyone really, can still be totally happy messing about on the edge of water. My friend brought her boys, one teen one pre-teen, to camp on the coast here a couple of years ago; they're sophisticated little Londoners, and they had all their widgets and pods and consoles and played with them some, but all they really wanted was to get to the beach and run and splash and dig.

amenaneri said...

I'm so glad you're watching Sherlock!! And there was some potentially sexy banter. "John, I don't have friends. I have a friend." If you're interested in that kind of sexy. I also adored Sherlock going to the palace in a sheet. That was a totally hilarious moment. I think it's a totally brilliant series.

Now they get to be a hobbit and a dragon. Hope they will be talked into another season of Sherlock after all that.

Glad you are having summer fun in the Midwest.

Love you!

Nimble said...

@Lucy. Yes water and dirt are excellent playthings. Both my kids were decorating themselves with mud from the lake bottom. bleah.

@Amenaneri. I thought I was cleverly a season behind on Sherlock and would therefore have less time to wait for a future batch of eps. Imagine my distress to realize that I'm caught up!
Love at you in the fog.