Thursday, August 2, 2012


How to eat sunflower seeds. Living in the rectangular sunflower state, it feels like a right and good thing to eat. I like the sweetness of the raw seeds. Our drab but well stocked grocery store sells shelled seeds in the bulk section, roasted/salted and raw. Of course I can't sit around shelling seeds at work, too messy and finger occupying. Even though they are ready to eat, how to get the itty bitty seeds in mah mowf? I almost wish I had a small bowled, long handled spoon. That would work if I lived in the prim etiquette-heavy alterna-universe of my dreams. Mostly I pour the seeds into my palm and then toss them in my maw. But then I have to wipe lipstick off my hand. More strategic contemplation is needed.

This article is convincing me that my disdain for seedless watermelon is nothing but the mark of being a hidebound traditionalist. They say that nothing is lost taste-wise in the seedless fruit development. I scoff because as a kid watermelon was sweet and delicious but also an invitation to sanctioned spitting. Going for distance spitting against my brother was lots of fun. Why give that up?The seedless thing is just to make the fruit easier for mechanical preparation I'm sure. Nod says he likes watermelon if it is very crisp. He can't take it if it has a mushy texture. Lexi loves watermelon. Katy doesn't like any melons at all.

I made this (Quinoa Salad with Grilled Zucchini, Poblanos and Feta) with the broiler and it was mind blowing. The smell of the poblano chiles blistering was perfectly satisfying to begin with. I popped them into a glass bowl with a plate on top so they could steam and their skins would be easy to remove. Then I broiled the zukes and that worked excellently as well. I am not a griller but I luuurv the broiler. I used chicken broth to make the quinoa. I'm getting ready to make it again. I'm going to use bell peppers and just one hot pepper so I can make it more Katy-friendly and keep the hot for the mature audience. I had to scrape the last of the quinoa out of the bulk item bin at the grocery store last night so I would have enough. What I needed was a tiny quinoa dust buster but they haven't thought of that yet.

A neighbor has been giving out cilantro seeds (coriander). I want to plant them right now but am told I should wait 'til spring. I have a big plant pot on the west porch that I think of as my flowers and herbs pot. Not that it grows much but that's what I put in it when I have a surge of gardening interest. This year it has been regularly rumbled by a squirrel searching for roots and goodies. I caught him at it last week and went out and slapped the porch railing and yelled at him. Perhaps next spring it'll be time for battening the hatches with some wire or cloth to keep out the rodents.

Just finished this book, How I Paid for College: A Novel of Sex, Theft, Friendship & Musical Theater. I found it annoying at first but it grew on me. I liked the ending except for a quibble with a guest star appearance. High school theater geeks in the class of '84, how could I resist?

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