Thursday, August 30, 2012

Small Potatoes

Went out to the park last night to join the hula hoop meetup. Katy went with me and we didn't find any other hoopers so we plunked ourselves right by the beautiful butterfly garden and fooled around with our round toys. After a while we were joined by a couple of college women. From their conversation (which contained many instances of the verb "hooping") they sounded like freshmen. It wasn't a fiesta but it was a beautiful evening to be in the park. Katy saw some tricks that she'd like to learn. I would claim to not be focused on tricks... except that I want to figure out how to transfer the hoop from my waist to my neck and back again. Katy does this with a masterful dip of her shoulders. I can sometimes do it but sometimes I dip and nothing happens. I have a "hoop dance" dvd reserved at the library, we'll see what that shows me.

I've reached a point in the Golden Fool book where I am tired of all of the characters. I'm tired of the protagonist and his stupid self sabotaging secrets. I'm tired of the male dominant / bastards are rejected society. I'm tired of life at court where the events to look forward to are conversations while taking exercise on horseback or conversations before/during/after the ball. As I told Nod last night, someone's horse was killed menacingly by the secret society a couple of chapters back and that seemed promising but nothing has come of it. I will take his advice and skim until exciting events are revealed. It's the middle book of a trilogy but surely it's not mandatory for it to wander aimlessly. One last whinge -- the cover! It's a tease image of a young woman's back with an elaborate dragon tattoo. Nothing of the sort has appeared in the book so far. We'll see if it is quite unrelated to the text as book covers sometimes are. Grumble.

We had start of school open house night on Tuesday. They fed us hot dogs and we got to look at our kids' classrooms and meet the teachers. It felt less intense than other years. I guess as the kids get older and we get (a tiny bit) more organized it's easier to get to the after school events. Katy just about popped because I went to Lexi's class first. Such intensity. We got there in the end. Lexi showed me her haiku about trees. It had a drawing of a willow tree and reminded me of a sampler. Nod didn't get home in time to go and has been in a snit most of the week.

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