Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Clooties to you

Lawksadaisy! Courtesy of Katyboo, here's a description of a dessert called "clooties"(!) from The Great British Bake Off series:
"a kind of dark brown fruit dumpling that should be boiled in a bag until it has a skin on it"

Hard to get too excited about tasting the outcome of that. I don't think I've ever boiled anything in a bag. Mrs. Boo has written up extensive commentary on this episode.

My video watching has been a revisit of Season 5 of Project Runway with my children who can't get enough of that stuff. I saw most of these episodes when they were fresh so I am not exactly on tenterhooks. Some of those challenges are just mean.

I have started a sweater and ripped it all back to yarn four times now. I am working on circular needles and the pattern starts at the bottom hem of the sweater. Each time while joining the cast-on stitches for the first row of knitting I have twisted the work and ended up with a mobius strip. The tragic part is that I can't see the twist until the work is about an inch wide, five or six rows in. So frustrating! I need giant double ended needles maybe. There must be some way to be sure I am not twisting the stitches when I join but I don't know what. Time to consult the knitting experts.

I have been wrassling with our limited vacation dates in December and the very high cost of plane tickets for those very days. Finally I threw up my hands and told Nod that we should get the Mazda tuned up and drive it. My MIL is now asking us to fly and offering some financial help. But it's SO expensive on Southwest for those particular days. I suppose I will have to look at those other airlines now.

To get the taste of clooties out of your mouth, how about some blondies? My mother has a way with both brownies and blondies. I was a lucky child. This recipe is appealingly plain and then of course you can throw in all sorts of extras, you hedonist! I prefer mine with neither fake butterscotch chips nor choc chips nor nuts. Just sweet and buttery.

Via the trusty LanguageHat, here's a discussion of the word feck which I thought was only one letter shy of fuck but according to this it's a relatively family friendly euphemism. It includes the following which is quite delightful to know:
Feck also functions as a noun, dating from at least the 15th century. Apparently it comes from a Scottish variant of effect, so it’s a good example of aphesis (also aphaeresis): the loss of an initial sound in a word. Here are the three senses included in the OED:

1. The greater or better part; a great quantity [Robert Burns: "I hae been a devil the feck o' my life"; Robert Louis Stevenson: "He had a feck o' books wi' him"].

2. The purpose, the intended result; the point (of a statement, etc.).

3. Efficacy, efficiency, value. Feckful: efficient

(Feckless derives from the last of these.)

I love 'feckless' and am glad to come across 'feckful'.


Lucy said...

Clooties sound as disgusting as they sound. I can't watch too much bake-off, fearing I will succumb to diabetes just looking. I've never tried blondies though, they sound good.

I love the idea of being feckful.

Nimble said...

It was a dark and feckful night...

Bee said...

I haven't made blondies in ages . . . a very good autumnal dessert for when one tires of blackberry/apple crumble.

If you are going to be in the Austin, TX vicinity during Xmas we MUST meet up. We will be at my parents' house for approximately a week.

Like you, I always assumed that "feckin'" was an Irish variant of the f-bomb.