Monday, September 17, 2012

Feast and Famine

Feast...Delight...Flourish...   that's the header for a blog I read from time to time. It's written by a stylish young woman (late 20s I think) who writes about food and fashion and finding moments of inspiration in her life. She is inclined to be hard on herself and I think overly concerned with the hard work of being blissful. To the good she seems grounded and inclined to start again rather than wallow in self pity if things are disappointing.

If I had those words at the top of my blog I'd have to have another three shortly thereafter:  Make Do...Whinge...Flounder...  I am grateful for my life and I reach for pleasure and delight. Then I feel weak and aim for adequate rather than excellent. All that seems okay to me. I have always felt a waxing and waning of energy that I cannot control. I can strap myself in and make things happen if I need to. But it's so effortless if the demands coincide with an upswing. I think this means that it's 1974 and I'm really into Biorhythms.

Finished the Tawny Man trilogy by Robin Hobb (Fool's Errand, Golden Fool, Fool's Fate). After hating the second book I loved the third book. It's amazing to me that she could have written such a waste of space as that second one. The third book was indeed too long at 600 and some pages. But she used them to tie up every loose end that ever even thought about being loose and hammer home the mostly happy ending. It was quite satisfying. I'm still hoping to find some Fitz/Fool fanfic which is funny because while making a very desultory search for such (ooh I like that phrase) I found a discussion of R Hobb's condemnation of fanfic and people using her characters/settings. It's a good post but the comments seem to perpetuate some ongoing feuds, I didn't read them all.

Rowing. I'm going to a 4 hour rowing clinic with the KU rowing club next Saturday. I am getting leery as it approaches. But I suppose they won't let me drown.

Nod had a crap week at work last week. He is slowly getting over a cold and I hope that helps everything. He's looking at other job possibilities. This makes me nervous. I would like him to get another year at this place in his resume before he moves on. I need to tell him that. He is trying to cook up something in town which would be a wonderful think -- no commute and he'd get time in the evenings back. But it would be a lower salary and less certain. Shiver.

We took the girls to The Avengers on campus on Friday. Now Lexi doesn't have to feel like she's the last person in Kansas to see that movie. It was not nearly as entrancing as the first time but it was fun to stay out late and do something different.

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