Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hobby Fury

The sweater I'm knitting is back under control. (Got my whip and chair handy.) I found Lily Chin's Knitting Tips book at the library and it introduced me to many exciting ways to cast on besides the half hitch loopies I was using. My moebius joining continued and would not be defeated that easily. Next I tried another hint from her book to knit two pieces straight across for six rows before joining. Success! I thought I could leave the splits at the bottom as vents but they ended up so small that I will probably sew them up. I still like the yarn (heathered raspberry wool/acrylic) and I like the ribbing (K4 P2). Now that I've conquered the rackinfratzin join I'm in the doldrums of knitknitknit for the torso. I am trying to do at least a couple of rows a day so I can see progress toward the 11 inches goal. I wonder what size this sucker will be when I'm done. Instead of the cotton blend that I couldn't find I am using a slightly bigger yarn with slightly bigger needles. So I compensated by making one size down from my own. If it doesn't fit me I'll make more changes and give it to Mom.

I'm experimenting with extremely light reading. The zombies book (Married With Zombies) has a consistent energy to it. The divorce story (And One Last Thing) has charm if not a lot of substance. They'll do for the moment. I feel like I'm getting into the Halloween mood right on time with the zombies. Katy is going to want to do the Zombie Walk again this year on Oct 4. I've just emailed Nod to tell him that he is the zombie chaperone this year. Not my favorite deal even though I applaud the dressing up and acting weird in public spirit. It is just another parade in this parade-mad town.

The next parade I *want* to attend is KU Homecoming at the end of October. It's at 6pm on a Friday night this year. It moves around depending on the game time. The 9am parades are over and done pretty damn quick. This one may actually be thronged!

There is a banjo staring at me in the living room. I jumped and now I need to make the call to the banjo teacher. Shiver. I stayed up late and watched the first Mumford and Sons song on Saturday Night Live last weekend. They continue to deliver. They achieve such life-or-death intensity in their playing. I love that they all sing. I read a small article in which their banjo player says he took up banjo figuring that in England he could shine even as a crummy banjo player rather than be one of a million crummy guitarists. There's my inspiration! 


Bee said...

I'm listening to the new Mumford and Sons album right now . . . LOVE it. I've listened to their first album umpteen times and never tire of it.

As for zombies, I surprised myself by really enjoying Charlie Higson's zombie series (The Fear/Dead/Enemy) set in contemporary London. I started reading the books because a lot of my male students were recommending them; now eagerly awaiting the 4th!

Proud of your knitting prowess! I have this ridiculous fear of knitting. As with higher math, I'm convinced that it's all too much for me.

Lucy said...

Hey, I just listened to BBC Radio 4's evening arts programme, which I don't usually but I was doing a spot of windowsill gardening - experimental sprouting of peas and coriander -and heard Mumford and Sons for the first time. I'd heard them spoken well of but not looked any further. Really interesting, good sound. They run an on-line book club apparently, because they said they wanted to connect with their public in some other way than telling them they'd just got out of the bath on Twitter.

And look, there's darling Bee in the land of the living still!

Nimble said...

@Lucy: I gotta love the band's book club idea. Much cooler than a fan club. Bee's very much living but I fear her blog is down for the count.