Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dream Police

Woke up at 3a to go pee. A dream was still circling my brain. It had something to do with knitting patterns and getting people to follow orders. I had to make an effort to shake off what I had been concentrating on in the dream. As a mantra to let go of the dream I thought, Let the dead bury the dead. That reminded me of zombies and what about nightmares? Let the Dream Police police the dream. And chuckled at the 80s earworm I had invoked.

Love the Hilary Mantel article in The New Yorker, seen at I may have to read her Cromwell books after all. I had read some reviews of the first one and not felt compelled. But I think I'll give it a try. After wading through Ms. Davis's English Civil War novel Rebels and Traitors and learning a little, I could paint another layer of history on and see what sticks. Oh and now I've found a review of that novel by Ms. Mantel, wow. It is a good review and reflects my own reading experience. It acknowledges the skill and deftness of the first half of the book while facing up to the plod to the end as well. My affection for Ms. Davis's writing makes me urge you to stick to the Falco mysteries and leave Rs and Ts alone. Here is a BBC overview of the Civil War events if you need a refresher.

Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow by Jerome K. Jerome is as pleasant as I hoped. The copy I checked out of the university library is a hard back with brittle darkened pages. (From the 1920s? I'll have to look.) It's in such dodgy condition that they have it boxed on the shelf.

My jellyfish umbrella lacks only some shiny ribbon tentacles. I already finished the nylon ruffly ones. It is quite kick ass and I am preening. Bun has asked for a cape for her Alien Princess outfit and I will do that tonight. I am trying not to be bitter at the last minute change from the more easily understood Cowgirl concept. I have asked if she would put on the Cowgirl stuff this weekend just for a few pictures. I will promise to be a better Alien Princess advocate after that. Kat's forest elf outfit is progressing apace. Chopping up Salvation Army items is so much fun.

Need some donkey goodness? Box Elder has given us a slew of photos of lovely gentle Brittany donkeys.

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