Thursday, October 4, 2012

Holding a Mongoose

I love the caption to this Buddhist artefact photo in Wikipedia:
Partly gilded Tibetan bronze statue of Vaisravana (Jambhala) sitting on a snow lion and holding a mongoose in his left hand. 18th century
I would like to see more photo subjects sitting on snow lions and/or holding mongooses. That would liven up a modern portrait. I would laugh and laugh to see my mother portrayed as a dowager with mongoose. Although it would be more logical to have her painted with the hounds.

Knitting on the plane -- do I have to buy bamboo needles in order to avoid TSA unpleasantness? My neighbor Gen just got back from air travel and says no. The TSA website says knitting needles are okay in most situations but unsurprisingly they reserve the right to object to everything. I will remove my scissors from my bag and take my chances. The boring sweater torso continues. I may be able to advance to the sleeves while I'm in ABQ which unfortunately means that I have to take the honking big library book along with me.

Successfully avoided the debate last night. I listened to only a few minutes of npr coverage this morning. I realized that one of our deacons at church reminds me of Mitt R. He (the deacon) is a surgeon and goes on mission trips to Kenya and is a good and very square guy. They both lack poetry but that's okay. I don't feel the need to vilify Romney even though he's not my candidate of choice. I am repelled by the urge so many people feel to tear down the one they don't plan to vote for. (Spellcheck tells me that vilify has only one 'l', 'to make vile' sounds so much more dire than 'vilify'.)

Harmless Drudgery is my latest blog love. It's written by a lexicographer who works as an editor for Merriam Webster dictionary. She is deeply in love with language and adorably twisted. My favorite quote so far describes the sort of people who work as dictionary editors:
 we seem to collect medievalists for some reason. Our costume parties are awkward, rare, and yet entirely historically accurate.
Warm glow. That quote reminds me of my friend Mac, he'd fit right in. Link found through (which I often type as languagehate, its evil twin).

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