Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Storm biscuits

Miso - Peanut Butter Caramel Scones. Too many words, too many flavors! I have to say that I am on an anti-peanut butter in desserts kick. It started over the weekend when I had some moist wonderful chocolate cake that was covered in what I thought was a thick layer of caramel icing. The first bite told me that instead it was pure peanut butter. There was nothing wrong with it but it felt much more dutiful than the caramel I had anticipated.

I'm baking biscuits tonight, no one can stop me.

We carved our jackolanterns last night. A note for future pumpkin face design: make the teeth bigger than you think they need to be. They always shrink a bit as the inner pumpkin dries out once it's exposed to the air. My vicious little pumpkin ended up much cuter than I had intended.

Giant Jellyfish!

My hair is long all over. The front long parts are okay but the back is at least an inch and a half more than I like. The bangs have entered the 'barrette zone' as I could not take pushing them off my face any more. I have a haircut appt in mid November. There will be plenty to be done by then.

My mother just traded in her Honda minivan for a new Honda minivan. She tells me that's the last van she'll need to buy. Count me skeptical as she has had at least three large dogs for a very long time. On the other hand she is extremely far sighted about things and she could be right. She claims that she will settle into a retirement place with option for assisted living with just one small dog. Not impossible to imagine.

Thinking of the east coast and glad I'm not there now. Glad that they had all the forecast info to prepare. Here is a wind map that shows the effect of the storm very dramatically today 10/30/12.

Made the biscuits. Adapted this minimalist recipe which is made with yogurt instead of butter. I used half white and half whole wheat flour, lowfat yogurt and buttermilk. Extremely easy. Very tasty, a little too salty, will cut that back. Making more tonight!

Last night Bun asked if we could light candles. It is certainly that season now with early sunsets so we hauled out the little fire lights. Kat insisted that all the house lights should be turned off for maximum candle enjoyment. It made me a bit sleepy but revved both kids right up. I feel mystical, said Kat. They stood on chairs and made shadow animals on the walls and ceiling. It was a nice time sitting in the dark with the family.

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amanda said...

ooh! i remember being a kid and my parents letting us just light candles and shut all the other lights off. we'd lay around the living room, reading books by candlelight and pretending to be little house on the prairie. i used to love those nights!