Monday, November 26, 2012

Beurre Butter Mantequilla

Mmm, butter. I think I am a real cook now. I made butter crusts for a pumpkin pie and an apple pie. And they were good enough for company. I noticed that the dough I left in the fridge for a couple of days was so much easier to roll out. Time! That is the missing pie dough ingredient I have been looking for. My turkey was also good. It wasn't hard this time, I think I'm getting the hang of it. I've been wrassling turkeys since about 1998 so it's only taken 14 years. We had a roomful, it was about 35 people. I put on a boobtastic dress and wore my 3 inch heels because when else do I get to dress up? Three or four hours and my feet were done with those shoes.

Unstructured days can unhinge my children. Kat especially is liable to wig out a bit at the beginning of free days. On Wednesday morning she wanted to go outside and play an imagination game. (A popular one is Island where the kids demarcate an area to be their island and then make shelters and forage and grapple with wild beasts, etc. etc.) But no other kids were around and Bun refused to play. Bun had refused because Kat was ordering her around like a swabbie. I did a small amount of my own yelling that there would be no yelling and that they needed to not talk to each other for a while. After some ragey sniffling Kat consented to come outside with me. We threw our little hula hoops around and she leapt through the larger one. The tension lifted. Bun was ready to play and they both were fine for the rest of the day. Whew. To my surprise it held through the weekend. It's like they're getting more mature or something.

Nod is making a staff. He cut a sapling and has stripped the bark. He's letting out the woodworker within. hee. Which reminds me I have a rocking chair in the basement I mean to work on. It was in the common house until I found it by the trash corral. It had arms but they kept coming loose. Somehow the arms could not be reglued without removing the back which was in fine shape. So I've hammered the arm dowels out and am going to patch, sand and paint. Then I'll take it back to the Common House. I'll fix it up there and bring it back here, said Santy Claus.

Tried learning harmony part to Deck the Halls. Failed. Am thinking about general holiday season goals. How many presents am I going to be responsible for? What experiences do I want to give the kids? What's going to happen in Austin? We're going to decorate a tree at Elaine's.

November blog posting is still showering us with treats. Here's one you must not miss from Julia.

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