Friday, November 9, 2012

Bring on the libations

The kids have been out of school yesterday and today. When I came home for lunch today to thrust food at them they were busy outside, playing Island. The 5 or 6 kids were pretending they were camping out on an island, gathering sticks for their firepit and hunting. It's in the high 70s this afternoon so they could hardly make better use of their time. We're going to have rain (thank the clouds) on Saturday night and Sunday. There's been very little rain this fall. I was just reading a distopia wherein the middle of the country is referred to as the Corridor and has become desert. Wanting to know what things will be like in 25 years is an itch we can never scratch.

Trying to decide whether I'm going to go brave the old ladies at the nursing home to bring them communion this Sunday or whether I'm going to hang up my Eucharistic Visitor hat. (Note: there is no uniform and certainly no hat.) I was ready to give it up and live a life of sloth and then I thought that it's such a small amount of effort to visit these folks who can't come to church. And there I wobble, between sloth and compassion. Part of my reluctance is that I had got comfortable with our one little old lady that we visited. She is a retired librarian originally from the UK, in good enough health to live in her own rooms. Now there's a much more debilitated woman and I haven't yet met her and we will need to go upstairs to the Assisted Living part of the place. What a miserable thing to want to have these people visited but not want to make the effort.

Back to selfish satisfactions, there is a cocktails and hors d'oeuvres party at Delaware St tonight. I'm looking forward to it. I think we're bringing a local white wine as our contribution. Maybe I'll pop corn, that should go well with a Kansas wine.


The Nag said...

Popcorn and wine? I'm intrigued.

Nimble said...

I was not the only one to go low brown with the snacks. Someone else brought tater tots. It wasn't much of a cocktail party but a fine way to end the week.