Thursday, November 15, 2012


Trashy pop music makes my heart sing sometimes. The Neon Trees seem to have my number and Everybody Talks is probably driving you crazy but I still like it. Take me to your love shack, Mama's always gotta backtrack, when everybody talks back. The sense to nonsense ratio is good and the rhythm, happy sigh. The girls and I enjoyed last week's Glee episode which included a quick take on Blow Me by Pink.

Got some Santa stamps at the post office. Now I am committed to the holiday card sending. I may have to do some triangulation to get addresses. My address book is a bit sad, there was a stalling out after having kids and moving halfway across the country. Starting a new address book is tempting but wait, I will have to think about people I don't see and don't know any more and that will be no fun.

Oooh I think I get to buy the Cute Overload calendar this year, I know the perfect recipient.

Scarf is off the needles! I will secure the loose ends and take a beauty shot before I block it. It is about 68 inches long instead of the 100 suggested by the pattern. I'm happy with it. Kind of wish I had used 100% acrylic instead of a woold blend for the skin friendly factor but that feeling is not strong enough to be an actual regret. I still like the color which is in my default color field these days. I tend to gravitate toward things in the raspberry to plum range. Hope my MIL likes that too. Thank you Bun, for modeling.

Pie crust! It's time for my annual attempt and I have found another all butter technique to take a run at. I think I'm going to make an apple pie and a pumpkin pie. The grey cinderella pumpkin on top of the kitchen bookshelf needs attention before it rots to spite us. I think I'm going to make a pumpkin and an apple. I am not really an apple pie person but I was reading about cooking the apple slices for a few minutes which sounds delightful.

Goddamn now I have to make THREE pies because I cannot resist the Sorghum Chocolate Pecan Pie recipe that the Bitten Word boys tell us about. I figure I can substitute some other sugar syrup for sorghum if our local grocery shack doesn't have it. The Bitten Word guys also cop to enjoying Garden & Gun magazine which has a feature on sorghum in the last issue. Nod is a subscriber. I roll my eyes at the privileged southern folk enjoying their pretty living but it is fun to flip through it every month.

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