Friday, November 30, 2012

Dirty 30s

Reminded by the recent Ken Burns documentary about this term for the dust bowl years.

Chilled at work, have put on two cardigans, thinking about tying the remaining one around my neck. Overheard someone next row over talking with her husband about taking their oldest daughter from school to the doctor as she had a sore throat and don't forget the strep test because other kids at school had strep. I haven't heard about strep at our school, hoping to side step that December insult. Kat is very pleased that she hasn't had strep for a couple of years now thus quashing all talk about tonsilectomy from her doctor. Am still surprised that our doc trotted that out, what a behind-the-times idea.

I may try to make pizza tonight. I have some dough that needs using. Yesterday I had Kat put my pasta/sauce/cheese casserole in the oven and turn it on. She followed my phoned in directions and everything was ready when I got home. What a win! I have minions who do my bidding!

Hard to get up lately and no exercise to speak of. The girls will go to the gymnastics open gym tonight and Nod and I will break out the space heater and have our own session.

Grumpy Cat in a sleigh. You're welcome.
Grumpy Cat Jingle Bells Dashing through the snow in a one-horse open sleigh

This is some great writing about how one person prays. She says her one great prayer is "I hate you". Maybe you can read it without tears but I am Madame Mushball and I cannot.


The Nag said...

My minions wouldn't do my bidding. They were minion failures.

Nimble said...

I am flush with this first success. If I quit now we have a perfect record.