Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Flinging something up. Not poo, a word that my brain thinks should follow "flinging". Here are some pictures of the Les Mis film cast courtesy of Vogue and our gay uncles.

Thirty minutes does not seem to be enough time out of bed for the girls to get ready in the morning. Alarm clocks here we come. Here's what I hate: the last minute lunch making frenzy.

Didn't make my tavern talk last night. I got ambushed by a friend who needed to vent at length about the attack her teenagers are staging on her. Lots of problems going on for that family. I had her drop me off at FSB but by that time all tables were taken and despite a good cruise of the room I did not see the person I thought I might meet. Walked home and knitted, it was a good evening nonetheless. I really needed the walk after hearing from that traumatized parent.

On the knitting front, am nearly done with scarf!! May almost be ready to take up my sweater sleeve again . Or the baby blanket! But that will take fiber shopping.

Skimmed the rest of the Hogarth book I had checked out on a whim. The writing didn't do anything for me but it was nice to see the paintings and engravings together with commentary. Having it both ways was Mr. Hogarth. Memorable faces and stances even if the huge satire seems out of our time.

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