Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Kayak lack

Walking on the not entirely lighted path after twilight in November. I think I need to dig out that reflector vest Nod had for biking in DC. Saw a bicyclist last night with the cutest little blinker on his rear pannier. Might need one of those too. I figure I can spend some money on shoes and walking/jogging accessories since I'm not spending it on classes or gym membership.

Fear about Katy's bday party on Saturday has struck. I need to crank out cupcakes for maybe 30 kids to decorate. Sprinkles and icing and so on. Bags to draw on and art supplies to draw/glue/sticker with. Will find my recipes and make the master list and delegate tonight. Do I want to use the flour, milk, butter and granulated sugar recipe PW raves about? I'll make a batch and see. Will try to think of this as fun. I am happy she's turning 11 I want her to have a great party. Honestly I'd be happy if someone else threw it.

Going to go out to Free State Brewery tonight for a pint and a talk about American mythology and specifically the Mayan 2012 thingie. Am meeting an acquaintance and think I should be congratulated for my outgoingness. I may even walk which shoots it into virtuous territory.

Our CA friend Jacquie has taken up kayaking and I'm jealous. She looks awfully cool in that little red boat.

If you are fond of the nerdy countries of Europe like I am then you should be sure to check on Belgian Waffling's new Belgofiles site. She's got memories and layers of city history and real recommendations for visiting. All with the languid, weird Waffle delivery.

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