Monday, November 5, 2012

Nova Nov

Posting in November? Oh yeah I'm doing some of that. But not on weekends. Not while our pc is freezing every eight to twenty minutes. YouTube seems to be a trigger for the freeze  but not every time! We have not been able to tell what the trouble is in order to fix it. We're using it in brief bursts and anticipating disaster at every moment.

The time change reflects what we were already doing, sleeping later and staying up a bit later. So far it doesn't feel like much of an adjustment. But it did make for a succulent weekend.

I mucked out our living room on Saturday and threw out a bunch of things and demanded that people take their own crap to their own rooms. The kids found some books they are ready to part with. Nod bagged up many of our clothes that we are ready to pass on. Yesterday evening I helped Nod get the Subaru de-crap-ified in preparation for selling it. I suddenly realized that we are paying insurance every month for a car we don't/can't drive and we should stop that. I hear that a lot of other people were cleaning and sorting as well. It was a good weekend for all that.

I have never used a grocery store rug cleaner but I have plans to rent one at the new grocery store that opened in August. My reasoning is that a) I have a filthy carpet and b) their machines must be new and functioning. I'll have to report back if I actually undertake the experiment.

Speaking of reporting back:  Chai Gingerbread Bars. Achieved on Saturday and I have reactions. First I couldn't face putting two sticks of butter in there. Two eggs and one stick of butter seemed like plenty of fat to me. I used half white and half whole wheat flour but I guess all wh.wh. would work. Next there was no molasses in the recipe, horrors. In place of the dark brown plus white sugar I used a cup of white and added almost half a cup of molasses. I am not wild about fresh ginger in baked goods so I omitted that. They baked up fine, smelled like heaven on a stick. They are a good sweet treat but I feel that "chai", the milky tea with cinnamon, coriander, etc. is not coming through as the taste. The tea leaves give a little bit of a bitter/spicy aftertaste that I'm not liking. It was a good experiment though. I'm going to make it again soon as just Gingerbread Bars, no tea leaves, and I think I will love them very much.

One passive aggressive email set me on edge this morning. But I have replied calmly and the snarl is fading.

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