Friday, November 2, 2012


Teeny children is what I have. Checkup appointments today for both girls. While being very healthy and growing just fine, they are both in less than the tenth percentile for height/weight. Dr. M tells me that height is determined by a mess of genes, 10 or 12 of them and so it can be very unpredictable. Nod and I are medium sized people. I did have a grandmother who was about 5' 1", so maybe these girls are Mickles.

Kat cried when I told her Monday that she had an appointment at the doctor's office coming up. She's pointed her anxiety focus to medical matters. She used to be overly concerned about chemicals and "poison" (warning labels were a little too effective on her). That has waned and now it is medical matters that freak her out. I kept my temper and told her that I could tell that she was upset but that this was important for her health. I also mentioned that we would get the little bump of skin on her forehead looked at. (I should have stopped while I was ahead.) Before we went I called the nurse to find out if anyone was due for shots. No, thank gods. We all three got the flu mist instead of flu shot, that was uncontroversial. Per Kat's request I spoke with the doc in another room about vaccinations and what's coming up. Kat will be due for two or three injections next year so I will need to think about our approach for that. I am all for the HPV vax which requires three shots total over about six months. Dr. M says that it's preferable to get vax done early for a needlephobe. Because the older and more autonomous they get the more likely they are to skip it. I can understand that and am willing to be the bad guy.

The forehead bump was pronounced harmless and according to the doctor it shouldn't get any bigger. It can be removed using a topical anesthetic first if Kat decides she wants to in the future. For now I advocate ignoring it. No one is showing signs of scoliosis or scurvy. It was a good visit and no one cried while we were there. Success.

Staggering toward the weekend now. Have a good one and enjoy the extra hour of sleep.

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